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Files and Documents

Your creative brief outlines what you want out of a specific project, and you can add even more details by adding files to your creative briefs. Those files may include content you want rewritten, an example of what you’re looking for, brand or editorial guidelines, or samples of a particular tone or style you adore. The more details you can give the freelancer, the better prepped they’ll be to ace your project. Learn how to add files to your creative briefs right here in the WriterAccess platform.


You have two main ways to track what’s going on with your projects at WriterAccess. One is to log into the platform every 32 seconds to take a peek if anything new has happened. Or you can make it easier on yourself by setting up alerts. The alert feature lets you set up text or email messages that deliver updates on the platform actions you select. This video tells you how.

Manage Workflow

The Manage Workflow section of the platform lets you check out what’s going on with all your orders at any given time. Make the most of this feature with tips in this video.

Place Order

Placing an order at WriterAccess is not difficult, but it does have a lot of moving parts. While you may be able to figure them all out on your own, make it easier with tips from this video. Here you’ll learn the soup-to-nuts order placing process.

Find Talent

One of the biggest challenges for brands is finding just the right freelancer to complete their projects. Or at least that used to be their biggest challenge until they came to WriterAccess. Here you’re not only treated to a pool of more than 14,000 vetted, professional freelancers, but you get a variety of ways to find just the right one for you. This video shows you how.

Content Marketing Ecosystem Brings You Success

WriterAccess is more than just a content creation platform. It’s a content marketing ecosystem. This video delivers a rundown on the many ways WA partners with top-notch organizations to make content marketing easier and more effective for customers.

WriterAccess Risk-Free Guarantee

If you’re not delighted, you don’t pay. Period. No hoop jumping. No frustrating phone calls. The risk-free guarantee at WriterAccess is not the only thing that sets us apart. Check out this video to see how our differences are designed to delight.

Managed Service

Sure, the WriterAccess platform makes content marketing easy. But view the WriterAccess Managed Service Explainer Video to learn how you can save time and money by making a simple Pre-Pay commitment for future purchases that comes with dedicated support and bonus credits to your account to save you time and money.

Why Agencies Choose WriterAccess

How can agencies scale content with ease? With the streamlined features at WriterAccess. From finding the perfect writer for each client to managing content approvals, we make it easy for agencies to thrive. This video tells you how.

How the Stylemetrics Matcher Works

Customers have been raving about the Stylemetrics Matcher ever since its launch on the WriterAccess platform. Check out this explainer video to see how it works so you can start a free trial to begin using it today.

Stylemetrics Matcher a Success from the Get-Go

Whether you call it the Stylemetrics Matcher or AI Writer Search, this tool has been exceeding customer expectations ever since its launch on the WriterAccess platform. Watch this video for a quick look at just how effective a tech-focused writer search can be.