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Fun and Games with Content Marketing

Who says content marketing isn’t all fun and games? Well, maybe not ALL of it is. But you can sure have a blast along the way, as this video of comedy highlights from Content Marketing 2019 can attest.

A Whale of a Thank You Video, Literally!

Bold brands aren’t afraid to break from tradition—and make videos of dancing whales to honor their event sponsors. Tune into this Moby-Dick-themed video designed to creatively promote the brands that sponsored Content Marketing Conference 2019. Note: Be prepared to sing along.

Content Marketing Conference Highlights

From content marketing tool talks to custom comedy, Content Marketing Conference 2019 served up tons of stuff for everyone. This video showcases the highlights, giving you a good idea of the excitement you can consistently expect at this annual event.

Tamsen Webster: Content Marketing Conference 2020 Promo

What makes Content Marketing Conference so great, year after year? Keynotes like Tamsen Webster are definitely a contributing factor. This founder and chief strategist at Find the Red Thread gives you a sneak peek at what her 2020 session had in store. Watch the video to find out.

Andrew Davis: Content Marketing Conference 2020 Promo

In an exceptional example of pivoting during the pandemic, the in-person 2020 Content Marketing Conference transformed into a virtual extravaganza. In this video, author and keynote speaker Andrew Davis outlines why the annual event was destined for success.

Content Marketing Conference Makes History

Content Marketing Conference made history as the largest virtual content marketing conference, with more than 14,000 attendees in 2020. This video shows you what was planned for CMC 2021 to make it even better.

Closing Your Account

While WriterAccess has been the go-to platform for tens of thousands of customers and freelancers alike, we do understand it’s not for everyone. If you’ve given us a whirl yet decided you want to close your account, it’s not at all difficult to do. This video gives you the details you need to close your freelance account at WriterAccess.

Writer Profile

No matter how talented you are, chances are low you’ll get much of a second glance if you don’t have a well-stocked profile on the platform. Your writer or designer profile is where you get to showcase who you are and what you can do. Check out this video for tips on creating a profile that helps to get all eyes on you.

Star Ratings

All freelancers on the WriterAccess platform receive a star rating. Not only does the star rating system help to remove pricing guesswork, but it aligns your skill with the right projects. The higher the star rating, the more complex and visible the projects, and the higher the pay. Most freelancers start on the platform at a lower star level and work their way up from there. Get more details on how our star rating system works by checking out this video.

Payments and Processing

Some of the most common questions we get from freelancers pertain to payments. All freelancers on the platform are considered independent contractors, and payment is delivered on a set schedule. Check out what this video has to say about matters regarding freelance finances. You can also check out our freelancer FAQ section for even more detailed info.

Revision Requests

Revision requests come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the fast and easy to the utterly ridiculous. Those that fall into the ridiculous category typically ask you to make changes that go far beyond or weren’t even mentioned in the original scope of the project. You have two choices if you’re ever faced with that scenario, and this video tells you what they are. You can also find more info on revision requests in our FAQs for freelancers section.