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WriterAccess’ Workflow Saves You Precious Time

As our platform demonstrates, WriterAccess makes it easy for clients to economize their precious time. Let’s take a look at the many time-saving benefits of the WriterAccess workflow.

The Order Page

The order template on the client dashboard is pre-filled with common order directives that content writers will use to understand and create the order. Rather than having to tediously write out every instruction (and hope that every important point is covered), clients simply have to go through the page and check the boxes that apply to their order.

The Template Feature

Next, WriterAccess offers the template feature, which allows the client to order more content using all the completed directions from a previous order. While everything will already be filled in and the boxes will be checked, the new order can still be edited if necessary. It can also be saved as another template, if desired. Unlimited templates can be saved using the WriterAccess platform. Again, another huge time-saver.

Automated Progress Emails

When clients place orders, they receive automated emails that update them on its status. These occur when the order has been claimed by a freelance content writer, when the order has been submitted, when the editor has begun working on the order (if editing services have been requested), and when the editor has submitted the final order for review. All of this happens behind the scenes, while the client has to do nothing beyond submitting the order.

CSV File Upload

For clients dealing with a large number of titles, these titles can be put into any data sheet, such as Excel, and uploaded to the WriterAccess platform. This is a big time-saver because it means that individual titles don’t need to be uploaded one at a time.

WriterAccess offers these supportive features for busy clients that appreciate saving time. Why not open an account now to see for yourself how easy it is?

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Kathleen S is a real estate expert with over 10 years of experience writing in the real estate industry. During the day, she works as a real estate assistant, specializing in high end and luxury homes. With over 25 years of experience in writing, Kathleen has honed her skills in a wide variety of writing mediums. 

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