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Sandy is a full-time, professional freelance writer and copywriter with more than 10 years of online experience. She is also a published author of seven, top-reviewed, in-print books on Amazon. These focus on financial topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning, and personal credit health as well as organic gardening and clean living. She's ghostwritten content for hundreds of clients on topics ranging from health to finance, business services, online and offline marketing, and much more. Scroll down for much more!

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Marketing for COVID-19: If your business needs help crafting coronavirus content or blogs, reach out. This can include steps you can take to keep employees healthy, strategies you're implementing to keep customers healthy, and marketing messages about the efforts you're taking. If you need any type of material on cleanliness, staying healthy, protecting families, or getting services amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she can help you.

Client Feedback Received:

"I'm thrilled with the quality. I have found my writer!"
"Wow Sandy! You did a fabulous job with this article! Sorry it was so difficult but I'm very excited with how you fixed it. Thanks so much! We will be sending you more articles!"
"Great job! I did not see any need for revisions on your end. We hope to work with you again soon, thank you!!"
"Exactly what we were looking for. Thanks!"
"All the posts you created have given us a great calendar of articles."
"Outstanding article!"
"I'm so glad I found an easy writer to work with who takes my thought and turns it into a fantastic piece. I'm excited to see our next piece!"

From a marketing client:
"Sandy... you are solid!!! Seriously. Over the last year, I've experimented with a handful of folks to help with writing. I know I'm particular, but in every case, I've felt the need to spend time revising things - whether because of content or tone. This post, on the other hand, is 100% on target. I can take this a run with it with much of any effort... that's what I was hoping for!"

IT Piece feedback:
'Hi Sandy - nice blog. I really love the research you found and included in the first paragraph. nice work!"

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Sandy is a full-time, professional freelance writer and copywriter with more than 10 years of online experience. She is also a published author of seven, top-reviewed, in-print books on Amazon. These focus on financial topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning, and personal credit health as well as organic gardening and clean living. She's ghostwritten content for hundreds of clients on topics ranging from health to finance, business services, online and offline marketing and much more.

Sandy has extensive experience creating effective SEO campaigns and social media marketing.

Additional topics of interest and specialization include:

*Small business marketing, small business management, cash flow
*Health care and health insurance
*Addiction, drug abuse rehabilitation, alcoholism, substance abuse, mental health care
*Medicare and Social Security
*COVID-19, coronavirus testing, treatment, and information
*Disease, illness, health prevention, and medical preparedness
*Frugality, frugal living, cutting costs, and budgeting
*Personal Finance
*Web marketing
*Digital marketing
*Real estate agent marketing
*HVAC and home care
*Gardening, living naturally
*Home remodeling, home renovations
*Entrepreneurship and startups
*Food startups
*National parks, investing in greenspace, the importance of conservation
*Eco-friendly living
*Supply chain management, logistics management
*Consumer technology
*Roofing and roof replacement
*Home insurance
*Business insurance
*Real estate articles
*Home buying articles
*Home and garden

And much more!
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Sandy offers in-depth content in numerous subjects including finance, health, insurance, investment planning, legal, healthy living, offline and online marketing and other many other avenues. She also loves researching and doesn't think any topic is too far out of range. She works with real estate agents and brokers, health care marketing companies, lawyers and attorneys from the U.S. and Canada, IT professionals, and financial analysts of all types.

Sandy's experience includes homesteading (organic farming and landscaping) and prepping. Her work has included some of the largest websites on healthy living and natural healing.

Sandy specializes in personal and commercial insurance, personal finance, drug and alcohol rehab, and marketing including digital marketing, social selling, and social media management. She also specializes in real estate, senior living, Medicare-related topics, and small business websites for plumbers, HVAC, lawyers, and just about anyone else!


Sandy is a reader and is passionate about learning. As a mother and wife, she's passionate about living a holistic lifestyle. She spends most of her weekends watching her son play football, rugby, or wrestle. She loves to garden, but doesn't spend enough time outdoors these days.


Baldwin Wallace College

Sandy worked to complete her Bachelor's Degree in the fields of business and communications through attending a private college. Her focus was on business management, financial topics and communications skills.


5,788 Projects Completed

Sandy specializes in working with drug and alcohol rehab centers in creating blog and website content for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. With years of experience in the field of mental health marketing, Sandy works closely to offer engaging articles and content to help support rehabilitation.


5,699 Projects Completed

Sandy B. has worked in the insurance industry and now educates both small businesses and individuals on choosing quality auto, home, and health insurance for their unique needs. Her experience includes several published books on estate and retirement planning, both of which provide key steps to utilizing insurance as a means to achieving financial security. Her work includes books, ebooks, blogs, articles, and much more in the field.

Sandy provides insurance articles and blogs on all types of commercial and personal injury. This includes real estate insurance (such as home insurance, commercial property insurance, and liability insurance) as well as health insurance, business insurance, and auto insurance. She specializes in industry trends and innovations in the insurance sector.

Real Estate

4,067 Projects Completed

Sandy has worked in the real estate industry for the last 12 years. Today, she has written for a variety of publications within this sector including, Bankrate, and numerous real estate brokerages and agents directly. Her experience includes all aspects of the process including financing, marketing, sales negotiations, contracts, closing, and much more.

Sandy works with all individuals in the real estate industry. She has extensive experience working with real estate agents, real estate brokers, property sellers, third-party investors, hard-money lenders, and banks. Topics include real estate lending, real estate borrowing, credit, real estate market trends in the U.S. and Canada (including specific cities), buying guides, city descriptions, MLS listings, and agent profiles.


1,296 Projects Completed

Sand has worked with many law firms including personal injury lawyers, workers' compensation attorneys, car accident attorneys, and family lawyers. Her experience includes working with trust and estate planning attorneys, defense attorneys, and real estate attorneys, among most others.


1,245 Projects Completed

Sandy consistently works with construction companies, home builders, architectural services, contractors, and design firms for their web copy, email marketing, blogs, and social media. This includes most areas of the industry from commercial to residential, and much more.


1,230 Projects Completed

Sandy works with business owners of all types - from small business startups to large, Fortune 500 companies. She works to provide digital marketing services, website content, customer and client emails, blogs, and social media content. She also writes articles, white papers, and sales content for them. This includes businesses from a wide range of fields and industries including plumbers, service businesses, auto companies, financial advisors, HVAC companies, insurance agents, and much more. That includes retail businesses for both online and offline as well as service providers.


1,219 Projects Completed

Sandy's experience in marketing is extensive. Having worked hand-in-hand with dozens of marketing companies previously, including those based in the US and Canada, she maintains an industry-perspective on the ever-changing marketing sector. Her work includes marketing for the internet including social media, SEO, and website development. She's created marketing materials ranging from blogs to sales pages, social media posts, and website content that gets ranked quickly. In addition to viral content, Sandy also produces newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and informative how-to guides on digital marketing, sales marketing, and much more.

She provides marketing content of all types as well as marketing insights, how-to ebooks, and sales campaigns across all sectors from IT to consumer lending and car sales. She's worked to build marketing campaigns for banks, car dealerships, retailers, real estate agents, health care providers, health insurance providers, and many other organizations across the globe in all areas of online advertising and marketing, mobile marketing, and local marketing.


1,039 Projects Completed

Sandy has worked in and written for the health care industry in numerous areas. She specializes in topics related to addiction, detox, healthy living, and elder care. She also works to support mental health service providers, doctor's offices, and medical centers with quality content on healthy living, medication and illness descriptions and treatments, and physical fitness and nutrition among other topics


1,005 Projects Completed

Sandy has worked in the finance industry in various forms. This includes helping small businesses and individuals with financial management, credit scores, credit reporting, loans (including mortgages, personal loans, SBA loans, and more). She's also helped with investments, retirement planning, and estate planning.


956 Projects Completed

Sandy has published three financial books in print as well as hundreds of content pieces, including how-to guides, articles and content for websites on topics including credit cards, personal finance, small business finance, start-ups and financial news and reporting. Her work in this field is extensive and backed by a 4-year degree in the field. She continues to produce content for various companies and websites on a variety of financial fields.

Additionally, she has worked in-house with a financial planner providing aid to consumers who are looking to improve credit, build financial estates and to get out of debt. She specializes in personal finance, investments, small business funding, estate planning and most other types of financial and investment related topics.


644 Projects Completed

Sandy has extensive experience writing educational articles for topics ranging from online education to college degrees. She's worked with several Ivy League colleges to create blogs, newsletters, sales material for recruiting as well as "how to manage" college lifestyle pieces. Additionally, she's written for well-respected study abroad programs helping students to find international opportunities spanning the globe from South America to Africa and Asia.

Sandy's experience also includes writing about financial aid, FAFSA, scholarship searches, and managing college loans and grants. This includes aiding both students and parents in managing the application and financial aid process from start to finish. Her writing in this area has been featured in The New York Times, Cleveland Magazine, and several blogs.


372 Projects Completed

Sandy B. has extensive experience writing in the banking field. She's written for business-to-business clients in the banking field, including Equifax and Transunion, as well as writing for small community banks and credit unions. Her range of experience includes everyday blogging, insightful content for bank websites, and white papers on a variety of banking-industry needs. For the past ten years, she's written both online and offline for financial institutions including Wells Fargo and Bank of America for both consumer-based and bank-based content.

She writes about banking innovation, bank regulation, bank law, mobile banking, and data-driven banking. She writes about credit, mortgage loans, financial lending of all types, commercial loans, investment banking, and much more.

Green Living

105 Projects Completed

Sandy B. is a published author on organic gardening and landscaping. She's written for several gardening blogs including Dave's Garden. Additionally, she's published material on a range of green living topics spanning energy-efficiency in the home, purchasing appliances, composting, and organic lawn care. Her work also includes natural living, homesteading, and prepping.

CBD Products

105 Projects Completed

From managing the ups and downs of legislation changes to helping to keep new users informed of new varieties, Sandy has ample experience writing about CBD. This includes product pages, blogs, social media content, and landing pages. This experience also includes creating product descriptions, discussing the potential health benefits of various products, and outlining the various types of quality and inferior products on the market. From reviews to CBD provider web content, Sandy has written for the last 8 years on various components of the industry.

Blog Post

18,259 Projects Completed

Researching and writing engaging blog posts is a fine craft. Sandy helps many businesses to create informative, valuable posts that help with SEO, backlinks, and customer education. Blogging for any industry served is an option including creating how-to blogs, product updates, blogs about services, customer-oriented blogs, SEO-focused blogs, and much more. This includes blogs for personal finance, insurance, health insurance, addiction, real estate, service businesses, CBD, and much more. Blogs can include research, keyword research, and image inclusion, allowing them to be ready to load onto your blog.


5,085 Projects Completed

Sandy writes articles of all types, with depth of content, flare, and SEO included! Her work spans crafting articles of most lengths, including small pieces for article sites, content for top-business and lifestyle magazines, and numerous other platforms.

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