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Merry M is an exceptional writer, adept at a wide range of technical and creative communications. She's ghostwritten dozens of full eBooks and hundreds of articles. Starting her writing career in 2006, she's well-versed in web copy and SEO content and has been on the cutting edge of changes in web marketing and social media. She's held positions such as writer, editor, and "Social Media Maven" - which was probably her favorite.

Merry can best be categorized as a "general" writer because she enjoys writing in a wide range of industries rather than only a few set niche fields. She does have some favorite industries and assets which are listed in her profile. Merry's real expertise is in writing - that has been her core focus since college and the area in which she excels. For clients, the biggest asset Merry offers is an understanding of the audience and a clear view on the best ways to communicate in a way that engages the reader to a better understanding and, hopefully, excitement.

Outside of web content and ghost writing, Merry's articles have appeared in various regional publications, including Chicago Parent Magazine and Calgary's Child. Her short fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies. She's also worked as an Assistant Editor for an online literary journal and an Acquisitions Editor for a small online book publisher.

Some things clients have said about Merry's work:

"Exceeded my expectations to the fullest! I definitely keep Merry in mind for all content projects. She's the best!"

"OMG it sounds like me! So funny reading it and hearing my voice. Love it. I don't have any edits."

"This is perfect, Merry! You hit on all the important points I was looking for. Thank you so much! I will look forward to your future orders."

"Brilliant Merry! Thank you so much. It sounds like we are on the same page. I'm so glad I found you!"

"So glad you picked up our blog piece to work on. We are currently looking for some writers that will work with us on a regular basis for posts similar to this one. Based on this piece so far, I think we will definitely keep you in mind for additional work. I hope you are interested in working with us in the future as well.

You are very skilled in your character development and personal interactions. I love your work."

"Excellent Excellent Excellent"
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Merry's specialties include web content and blog writing. Her favorite industries include parenting, entertainment, relationships, education, and business.

She's also very well versed in legal and healthcare, both for the professional audience and written for the understanding of the client/patient.


Merry is an active volunteer in her area, having held positions on her children's school board, the art appreciation department, and the band board. She has a background in website configurations and basic html and has worked extensively in the association conference management field. Her writing passions include family care, education, literature, self help, medical topics, business writing and career management.


Columbia College

Merry attended Columbia College in Chicago, focusing the majority of her coursework on Fiction Writing. During her time there, she carried a full schedule of largely writing and fiction related courses, having completed her basic requirements in Junior College.


584 Projects Completed

Merry has ghostwritten numerous eBooks, blog posts, and articles around the subjects of SEO and social media marketing. As a freelance writer, she entered the field as SEO was just starting to take hold and tons of sites were "stuffing" content with search engine terms - a practice she always felt was short-sided. Her knowledge of website and social media marketing grew along with the changes and it's an industry she enjoys working in and learning about.

Merry is well-versed in using these skills on her own platforms which include Facebook, blogging, twitter, and LinkedIn, and enjoys sharing her knowledge in creative endeavors with her clients.


181 Projects Completed

Merry writes about beauty in all of its different facets. From the self-empowering message that beauty is an outward sign of a person's inner happiness, to self-help tips on dressing, makeup, and overall well-being. Her favorite articles and blog posts in this industry tend to be how to and list articles, because they're easy to relate to and often widely shared among people who enjoy adding new techniques to their beauty regimen.


122 Projects Completed

With a broad range of business and human resource knowledge, as well as an excellent ability to research minute details, Merry writes compelling materials on the subjects of career training and success.


120 Projects Completed

Merry enjoys art, theater, and pop culture in her personal life and her background in fiction writing allows her to fully explore themes and nuances in today's popular entertainment. Her style of story telling in this field is conversational and intelligent.


105 Projects Completed

Merry has written numerous articles for regional parenting magazines. She's also written extensively on this topic in her own blog and various ghost writing assignments. Merry tends to approach the topic with a touch of humor and common sense - which is how she thinks most topics should be viewed.

In the Kids/Family Industry, Merry excels at How To and List Articles, detailing different activities for parents with children ranging in age from infant through college. Her meticulous research is only surpassed by her ability to bring real world experience onto the page in a way that readers identify with easily. Topics that she is especially passionate about include education, raising readers, bringing the arts and creativity into the classroom and home, and finding fun in the very serious job of raising children.

Blog Post

1,833 Projects Completed

Blogging is one of Merry's favorite forms of writing, and the medium that sparked her writing career. She started blogging in 2005 as a hobby on a community blogging network. After learning the basics, she built her own blog and expanded to include guest posting, ghost blogging, web content and beyond. She feels a great blog post can be more conversational than straight article writing and far more interactive for the readers.

Since beginning her blogging career, the field has changed extensively and a variety of new voices have taken center focus. Her favorite form of blogging is conversational. Though she has developed many lengthy blog posts that offer a more informational and authoritative tone. She excels at writing to the voice of the publication.


519 Projects Completed

Merry's articles have appeared in regional parenting magazines and online venues under her byline, as well as hundreds of ghostwritten articles for various clients. She employs a diverse range of voice to fit the type of publication and audience base.

Some niche industries she's worked in extensively include healthcare, marketing, and business. Merry enjoys writing to a wide range of subject matter, though some technical specialties fall outside of her expertise. Please feel free to contact her if you don't see something on her profile in your niche. She's always happy to answer questions and can often recommend other writers for subjects beyond her scope.

White Paper

22 Projects Completed

A great white paper is really a combination of report/business writing and great marketing. Merry excels at both forms of writing and having recently turned her attention to writing white papers, finds these assignments stimulating and fun.

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