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Merry M
Writer #6831
Joined 4/15/2013
6 Star Rating
19,202 Projects
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***Please Note***
Merry's current rates are above a six-star level.
Starting at 30 cents per word.

*Special rates for scriptwriting and other assets below*

Merry M started her writing career in 2006 and moved to full-time freelance writing in 2013. She's ghostwritten dozens of full eBooks and hundreds of articles. She's well-versed in web copy and SEO content and has been on the cutting edge of changes in web and social media marketing. She's worked as a writer, editor, and content strategist.

Merry enjoys writing in a wide range of industries but her real expertise is in writing. The craft of writing has been her core focus and the area in which she excels. For clients, Merry's ability to create tailored content to engage their target audience and work with them to create a winning inbound marketing strategy is invaluable.

Merry's niche industries include marketing, IT, SaaS, business, and legal content. Her marketing work includes writing on topics related to marketing and working with the actual copywriting for marketing campaigns and client websites.

Outside of web content and ghostwriting, Merry's articles and blog posts have appeared in numerous online and print publications. Her short fiction has been published in several anthologies.

*Special Rates*
Script Writing:
Script Writing is billed at $150 per written minute (150 words)/$1 per word.
Script assignments are prepared in the traditional format, including both dialog and scene descriptions.

Email Campaigns:
Email campaigns are billed at $75 per email
Email content is short but difficult to write well. Every word really does count here and they are time intensive.
I've included a specialty rate for multiple emails in a campaign. You can find that in the "Special Offers for Clients" section.

Longer/More Research Intensive Assignments
Specialty assignments that may include long word count or topics that require a great deal of research may be negotiated at a higher rate.

Some things clients have said about Merry's work:

"Merry is awesome - I've used her a few times already and am always impressed."

"Exceeded my expectations to the fullest! I definitely keep Merry in mind for all content projects. She's the best!"

"OMG it sounds like me! So funny reading it and hearing my voice. Love it. I don't have any edits."

"This is perfect, Merry! You hit on all the important points I was looking for. Thank you so much! I will look forward to your future orders."

"Brilliant Merry! Thank you so much. It sounds like we are on the same page. I'm so glad I found you!"

"So glad you picked up our blog piece to work on. We are currently looking for some writers that will work with us on a regular basis for posts similar to this one. Based on this piece so far, I think we will definitely keep you in mind for additional work. I hope you are interested in working with us in the future as well.

You are very skilled in your character development and personal interactions. I love your work."

"Excellent Excellent Excellent"

"Merry was really great and nailed the content spot on with minimal direction and no rewrites. Highly recommended!"

"I am blown away by the writing I received from Merry M. If and when needed, I'll definitely send a request to her first. Thank you Merry M. and Please continue blowing clients away with your writing style. You have true talent."
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