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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: We

Welcome back from the weekend!

We’re back to Monday. We’re back to getting up with your alarm (after using the snooze, of course). We’re back to hopping behind the wheel or onto whatever plane, train, or bus you may take to work. We’re back to grabbing that coffee on the way, checking email, and getting started for the week. Bored, yet? Well, what you say is ennui may actually spark your creativity. Those over at the 99% are countering the notion that to produce life-changing, creative masterpieces, we all have to be those crazy Picassos and Hemmingways. Less sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll; more commute, coffee, and the beautiful music of a typing keyboard.

Last week’s Round-up talked a bunch about blogs. It’s no surprise that blogging is still a huge discussion in the Internet world. For Bloggers, By Bloggers is urging you to get away from that desk and do something. Blogging doesn’t just mean writing, but having real-word experience to write about. And there are graphs to prove it. But, when you are back at that desk, be sure you write like mad. Say something controversial, they dare you. But, don’t take them too literally and actually get violent with your blog, because you might get arrested. And if all these mad, crazy, wild people are scaring you, Newbie Blogger, let ProBlogger quell your fears.

You know how else you can shout your creativity and opinions into the world? Twitter. It’s only five years old, but an estimated 21 million people in the United States use it—that’s a massive audience for a toddler. KingFish Media tells us the four reasons why we should be Tweeting away with the masses. Companies big and small should be using it to engage with customers, writers should be using it to get their voice out, and comedians should be using it to entertain us.

This writer, featured on The Awl, has been revolutionizing the Twitter-verse, and perhaps scaring the wits out of print media traditionalists.

There was huge news for the writers, editors and word nerds out there (guilty) last week. The word bible, The Oxford English Dictionary, announced its new entries. Scrabble players everywhere, take notes. I totes <3 it; like, OMG. But WAG? That came out of nowhere.

What about everyone else? What interesting links have you stumbled across during your work or school week? Share them in the comments and maybe I’ll feature them in next week’s Round-up!

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