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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: Googling and Grammar

Welcome back from the weekend!

Google is back at it. At the end of March, Google announced an addition to its search engine called Google +1. With the recent release of the Panda update, Google is making it known that it will not tolerate poor content anymore. Adding a social media aspect to SEO, Google +1 will surely have an impact for bloggers. For all Facebook users (and if you have a company or a blog, you should be a Facebook user), this addition will be like using a “Like” button within Google search results—and eventually an option on your page itself. It’s a huge move that could be powerful for bloggers with high quality content. The link will show you ways to get your blog primed for Google +1.

Hey maybe if you keep putting all that quality content into a blog, you could eventually make it into a book—and that’s the dream for some bloggers, right? But don’t worry if you’re book is used as a digital download, you can still give your John Hancock to your book, as Amazon Kindles and other e-Readers are gaining the technology to write content in the pages. However you feel about digital books—whether it represents the decline of the publishing industry or not—you have to admit it could save paper. Take a look at another hilarious attempt to show children how they can save paper. Adults these days.

Everyone faces their own challenges with blogging. But ProBlogger does an interesting job exploring blogging with disabilities, and tips on how to make the process easier. For all bloggers, it’s important to decide what you want your blog to be known for. A goal, an endgame, can aid the process incredibly. It will dictate your topics, tone, and voice, among other things.

As an editor, I have a few pet peeves. Sure, it might be silly, but it’s nice to get a little validation from on the rule of spaces after periods. Now let’s all agree to stop that, OK? And, while we’re at it, quit answering “I’m well” to “How are you?” Though Grammar Girl is quick to point out that the rules many people apply to grammar, are just plain myths.

So because the Grammar Girl said I could I’m going to ask you to please leave any links in the comments that you found interesting and are relevant to blogging, writing, or content marketing along with your name and maybe I can feature them and you in next week’s Round-up if I also find the links interesting and relevant—or maybe just plain funny or neat. Is that a run-on? Irregardless!

But seriously: Please post any links you find in the comments!

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