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WriterAccess Weekly Round-up: All About Blogs

Welcome back from the weekend!

On Mondays, I will be reviewing the week we had before, providing a round-up of links showing what people were talking about in the world of content marketing and writing. It’s our way of kicking off your week with a little inspiration and reading entertainment.

Here at WriterAccess, we all had a lot to say about blogs. Why we have them, what we do with them, and how we make them work for us. Across the Internet, the face of blogs kept appearing as well.

Creating quality content comes from reading quality content. Inspiration from the greats is what propels us to succeed. For Bloggers, By Bloggers gave us a reason to be reading Stephen King that has nothing to do with rabid dogs or innkeepers running through hedge mazes.

If you’ve read, you’re inspired, and you’re just dying to start a blog and spill your words out into the vast world of the web, last Friday the people over at ProBlogger gave us some tips on starting out. Has he crushed your spirit yet, New Bloggers? Post in the comments your thoughts on his warnings against blogger expectations. Up in the Great White North, the Canadian writers at Sticky Communication want to ask you two important questions, which will dictate what exactly you should write about in your blog.

There are some overachievers vying for your attention over at ProBlogger, too.  We have work, school, family, significant others, friends, and maybe even children—we’re supposed to maintain multiple blogs, too? See how this woman lets go of perfectionism and gets it done. For those of us more inclined to look for excuses validating our semi-habitual blogging lifestyle, For Bloggers, By Bloggers is back, allowing us some realistic expectations of our blogging lives—with a graph thrown in so we can really be taken seriously.

We all know that social media is a massive help to the viewing of our blogs, so that people other than just our grandmothers are seeing it. But how often should you be Tweeting your posts to ensure you’re not just shouting into the abyss? And ProBlogger wants to tell you if your efforts are succeeding.

Finally, since I am the Writer Community Manager over here at WriterAccess, and editing is one of my favorite ways of helping out clients and writers (and I have an affinity for any ’80s movie featuring Andre the Giant), I’m going to end with an old snarky post from CopyBlogger on commonly misused words. Inconceivable!

Of course, if you have some interesting links you want more people to see, direct them to us in the comment section. We’d love to share them in next week’s edition of the Round-up!

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