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WriterAccess Weekly Round-Up: A Guest Blog by Rumpelstiltskin?

Welcome back from the weekend!

It’s important to start Mondays off effectively; they set the tone for the rest of the week. You should plan your task list for the week, set goals, deal with any loose threads, and start the week off moving forward. The same goes on a smaller scale for every assignment you receive. If you’re a freelance writer, and if you want you work to go smoothly (so you can submit it and get paid, at least) then there are 40 Questions you need to be asking every client. From my position in the thick of things over here at WriterAccess, unclear or incomplete assignments combined with a writer’s unwillingness to ask the best questions, account for a huge percentage of the revisions needed. Ask the questions up front; save time for fun later.

Sure, some Mondays you just don’t feel like it. You’re not super-charged into the work week, and are more often thinking about that relaxing Sunday you had watching the baseball game and kicking back with a beer or two. Luckily, if you feel like extending your weekend, For Bloggers, By Bloggers has big ideas for guest posts on your blog. They call it “a way to supplement your writing schedule,” some call it being lazy. But hey, the Monday you wake up ready to burn through the work week, you can return the favor. ProBlogger makes it easy for you, too, by featuring a guest blogging assistant on their 15 Blogger Resources—though Vokle is my favorite feature, since I’ve always dreamt of reviving Craig Kilborn’s talk show for myself.

If you’re looking for more blogging help, you can get pro tips from both Leonardo da Vinci and Rumpelstiltskin—naturally!

Not all blogging problems can be solved by mysterious, short baby-stealers or mysterious-lady painters, though. Sure, it’s not as fanciful, but keyword strategy is hugely important, and these tools can help make sure you’re making the correct choices, as a writer or as a company-owner.

“How to Become a Better Writer Thanks to Distracted, Hungover College Kids.” This is the kind of title I wish I saw more often—and not just because I’m notorious for taking too much time thinking of headlines and titles. But why is it so effective? Copy Blogger says it’s because it has the two essential elements of irresistible content.

Good thing I paid my first-born to this strange, little man to spin all my content into gold.

What about you? Post any interesting links you find in the comment section and I might feature them in next week’s Round-up!

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