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WriterAccess Launches Content Strategy Certification with World-Class Marketers

Visionary marketers are leading a revolution, and you’re invited to join. 

What’s the cause?

We’re in a content marketing crisis: The industry is short on experienced strategists with tools and techniques to delight customers and search engines. Part of the problem is securing budgets for the tools and training. But the real problem is today’s mainstream approach to content marketing: bad, boring content that underperforms. 

That’s where WriterAccess Academy comes in, now offering a content strategy certification program to help you and your team grow organically– the content marketing way. It’s a self-paced, online masterclass teaching advanced methodology and technology that powers content strategy and delivers on performance, and you can sign up for it Now

Our new course is led by more than 20 world-class instructors who are leading the content marketing revolution and speaking at today’s top conferences, like our own Content Marketing Conference that attracted 15,000 virtual attendees in 2020.

You’ll work your way through more than 28 hours of video recordings, workshop webinars, sample templates, and tool talks offering a comprehensive course material that’s the fastest track to learning content marketing and content strategy you’ll find online. 

Best of all, WriterAccess is now famously FREE for all our 200,000+ fans, 40,000 customers, and 15,000 freelance writers, editors, translators, and newly arriving designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, and videographers now in our content creation platform. 

Simply enroll by March 1, 2021 to secure your free admission, and earn your Content Strategy Certification Badge with mastery of the six pillars of the craft, including content planning, creation, optimization, distribution, performance, and management.

How Our Certificate Program Empowers Content Creators

WriterAccess is all about empowering content creators and setting them up for success as freelance professionals. By focusing on helping them grow in their knowledge and wisdom with content strategy, we help them secure budgets and resources to end the world of all this bad, boring content.

If you’re a content marketer, instantly fortify your smartitude and advance your career with the fundamentals you need to get the ROI demanded from content marketing investment. Speak with confidence and come prepared to each and every meeting.

Are you a freelance writer, content strategist, editor, or translator at WriterAccess? Earning this badge showcased on your profile will help you land more gigs and confirm your expertise and proficiency. It’s the difference between a side hustle and head of the household income. 

This certification is also for digital marketing agencies looking to scale content solutions. It offers all the resources you need to develop content plans, manage content for dozens or hundreds of clients, and craft content strategies for clients that deliver on the performance goals you must achieve for success. This is the way to vet your in-house procedures and ensure you have your marketing campaigns running smoothly. 

Finally, if you’re looking to join our liberated workforce of freelancers someday, this badge will help you get ahead of the pack and open the gateway with our screening team. We’re an army of 15,000 strong with room for more. 

Why Our Content Strategy Certification Leads the Revolution 

We cover the six pillars of content strategy, including highly sought-after strategies, approaches, and methods to develop stellar content that sails through the algorithm storms. You’ll learn how SEO fits into the bigger picture, too. 

  • Six workshop webinar recordings can be viewed at 2x speed
  • Each recording is transcribed as well, for quick learning
  • The comprehensive curriculum offers the roadmap to move from mediocre to stellar
  • Review the latest tools, handouts, templates, and supporting materials on-demand

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each major topic covered in the certification, so stay tuned for deeper dives into each pillar on the WriterAccess blog.

What to Expect When You Join 1,000+ Marketers in the Member-Only Portal

More than 1,000 digital marketers have enrolled in the masterclass and our nifty online learning portal. This will be your home for the real-time help you need to get your job done. 

The home page of WriterAccess Academy featuring the badge and Byron White.

Each of the six pillar modules features an overview video or introduction to the curriculum, and a three-hour workshop webinar offering step-by-step tactics, tips, and advice.

That’s where the fun begins. Each workshop webinar is hosted by Byron White with three to seven guests that speed you through the latest methodologies and technologies for success. Byron draws from his success running a full-service content marketing agency for five years developing content plans for major brands like Walmart, The Company Store, FTD, Iron Mountain, SalesForce, and more.

Enrolled in our content strategy certification, you’ll work with and learn from amazing instructors that are more like content marketing rockstars showing you the way, sharing the latest tactics for success. 

Finally, you’ll have a GPS for content marketing resources, including sample templates, content plans, creative briefs, buyer personas, social media tips, and more to light up your wisdom like the North Star.

A screenshot of the resources in the academy, including a content plan and journey map.

Best of all, the content strategy certification program offers a comprehensive guide to the latest and best software tools that you’re probably NOT USING or don’t even know about. This is the centerpiece of the crisis we’re in right now, and likely the reason you’re not winning the war of words on the web with your competition. 

To solve this problem, our giant list of tools is neatly organized within the stages of the content marketing cycle, so you’ll find tools associated with content planning, optimization, and management, for example, all in the same place. 

We’ll be covering these tools in our future posts on each of the six pillars, so stay tuned. But rest assured, we’ll be showing you all the tools you need for success as part of our certification program, giving you a massive chest of proven, tested content marketing tools that you simply must be using daily for success.

Pass the Tests to Earn Your Content Strategy Badge

When it comes to fortifying your smartitude, we’re not messing around with this bootcamp certification course and program. You’ll need to work your way through six quiz tests for each of the pillar modules, and then take a final test to secure your Content Strategy Certification badge that can be shared in the social sphere.

The Content Marketing Crisis Resolved

Sure, you may have limited budgets and limited access to the hundreds of tools that power content marketing these days. But we’ll fix all that by training you on how to develop a content strategy for your business with any and all the limitations, so you can quickly achieve performance goals, then secure more budgets for even more organic growth– the content marketing way.  

By enrolling in this content strategy course, you’ll dive into the six main pillars of content marketing strategy and surface with mastery:

An overview of the six pillars of content marketing in the academy dashboard.

Reasons This Marketing Course is Right for You

We’re going to assume you’re busy; make that WAY too busy. That’s why we get right to the point and give you what you need to know about digital media and in a way that allows you to implement the work the next day.

If you followed the entire course from start to finish using the methodologies, templates, and worksheets, you could end up with a solid content marketing strategy ready to go and ready to perform.

Here are just a few reasons you’ll want to enroll right now:

1. Go at your own pace

Once you secure your seat by March 31st, you can go through the coursework at your own pace to watch the recordings, review the material, and take the quizzes and final test for certification. If you want to start the year strong, dedicate two hours a day. 

2. Learn what the pros know, pronto

Learn the six pillars of content strategy from world-class leaders that are recorded and viewable in 2X speed or readable with transcriptions. These are the people running winning marketing campaigns today. Plus, you’ll also receive Byron’s book, “Content Strategy MasterClass 2020.”

3. Save time and money

Sure, it’s a time commitment and work to review the tutorials, but every minute you spend learning will likely save dozens or even hundreds of minutes on the job.

4. Beyond basic to advanced learning

You’ll get a solid foundation of content marketing and advanced strategy, tactics, and techniques as well with the courseware. We encourage brushing up on basics such as the power of storytelling and are not afraid to get into the deep world of strategy.

5. Unlock the secrets to stellar content

Done right, a content marketing strategy allows brands to craft and share engaging stories online. Stories that take people from once upon a time to happily ever after — a union best described in our marketing industry as “loyalty.” Customers who keep coming back for more. The individual courses in this program are packed with these secrets. 

6. Deliver content marketing performance

It’s all about the bottom line when it comes to content marketing success, so each pillar is designed to help you set realistic performance goals given your budget and team size, including SEO performance. 

7. Grow revenue for your business

You’ll learn that content marketing performance goals go way beyond CRO, UAC, CTR to much deeper goals like LifeTime Value of Customers, Churn Rates, and LTV by channels. 

8. Better manage people and content

Learn that it’s all about the people and processes when it comes to content marketing, setting expectations, inspecting the work, and offering feedback for betterment.

9. Make your content snap, crackle, and pop

Learn Byron’s secret formula for GREAT content that ensures your content initially engages the audience, connects with them emotionally, and inspires them to take action.

10. It’s FREE, but only until March 31st, 2021

Enrollment is quick and easy. What are you waiting for, start the course now to advance your career and grow your business!

We know that words like revolution and crisis might seem extreme, but it’s a long time coming. Those of us who have been in the trenches know and understand the value of a marketing certificate program that cuts to the chase and truly educates people who are passionate to learn. 

Let’s put people first and truly raise the bar on the content that’s being made and that represents our brands. 

WriterAccess is proud to bring you the very best of what we know so far, with a commitment to keep this course fresh and updated — yearly. We’re eager and ready to share this information with our content creators and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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