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WriterAccess 5.0: David vs. Goliath

Our newest software release, called WriterAccess 5.0, has been released to customers.

Why are we so excited?

It’s a bit like David vs. Goliath in the content marketing platform race these days.

We’re the small, bootstrapped start-up that zoomed from zero to 25,000 customers, mostly by delighted ones who spread the word and have helped us make the Inc. 5000 list of fastest- growing US-based companies for four years in a row.

Collectively, our competitors have raised more than $100M in funding, charging up to $5,000 per month to access their software and services.

Despite the lack of funding, our new 5.0 software packs a mean punch, with some first-of-a-kind features:

  • Writing Style Contest that pinpoints the perfect writer, pronto
  • Special Agency and enterprise features that sport efficiency
  • Access to the 10M Getty Images for only $6 per image
  • Access to 700,000 royalty free images, ready for download
  • Access to 80,000 royalty-free videos, ready for download
  • Built-in tools that make content strategy simple and easy
  • Content Analytics and monthly performance reports
  • New content planner and research tools
  • More API Integrations that make the workflow easy

Best of all, we’re sticking to our low fee structure, charging only $39, $59, or $99 per month–depending on how much horsepower you need.

Simple. Fair.  Transparent.  Powerful.  That’s WriterAccess.

We hope you’ll give us a whirl with a free 30-day no-risk trial!


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Byron White
CEO | WriterAccess

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Guest Author

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