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Why You Need To Mangle Your Keywords

smart kid keywordsWhen you work with blog writers for hire to create a great set of content pieces, the kind with logical keywords and key phrases are all incorporated in the right proportions, there’s still a chance you’ll fall short of engagement targets. As digital attention spans get shorter, words are routinely missing or misspelled in searches, and that’s something you should be capitalizing on, if you aren’t already.

Consider Harvesting Your Competition’s Runoff

In January 2015 article for BeyondThePaid, Melissa Mackey highlights an unusual yet effective tactic for coaxing customers away from your competitor: targeting them by capitalizing their dissatisfaction. If a web user searches “How to cancel Bigco service,” if your rival company content incorporates that phrase, you’ll be perfectly placed for a user primed to switch to a new provider.

Don’t be afraid to dabble in calling your competitor out by name, either. While using the exact name of your competitor in your content marketing can cost you in Google’s page quality scores, instructing blog writers for hire to use common misspellings of the name sidesteps that issue. Other angles can be used as well, such as playful nods to slogans or common advertising phrases your competitor uses – just be sure not to use anything verbatim to avoid liability.

Make Sure Your Content “Speaks Mobile”

With voice searches now available on both the IOS and Android mobile platforms, the mobile user base embracing them is growing exponentially. Forbes’ Jason Demers notes that a jaw-dropping 40% of adults report using voice search. What does this mean for your content? With an emphasis on translating conversational flow into usable search parameters, keywords need the support of solid content to truly shine. The days of keyword-stuffing are long over, and the era of conversational searches is just beginning. Encourage your writing team to focus on value and “readability” first – an approach that seems to have widespread success with Google – and keywords after for any mobile-optimized content.

Acknowledge, But Don’t Correct

When a searcher reaches a results page for a misspelled term on Google, they’re typically directed to a list of results based on the correctly spelled version. The ads for this misstep, however, can make light of the situation and draw attention at the same time, if your brand image supports it. Humor-oriented advertising specialists turned Snickers’ 2013 “Hunger” campaign into a buzzworthy powerhouse by purposely targeting the top misspelled words in Google and blaming lack-of-a-Snickers hunger for the searcher’s mistake. It’s a moment to reinforce that “hey, we all make mistakes, right?” camaraderie between you and a potential customer, and it’s a very promising opportunity to tell a story.

While mangling keywords shouldn’t be the primary focus of your blog writers for hire, it should be a tool in their arsenal when it’s time to get creative with your marketing. Content marketing doesn’t always follow clear-cut pathways, and working in some misspelled terms can, when properly leveraged, net you a little offroad profit.

Delany M is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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