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Why Pay More for Content?

If you’ve ever outsourced your writing or thought about doing so, you know there are countless writers out there who are willing to take on projects. Some of them will write thousands of words for less than $10, while for others, you’d have to tack on several zeroes for that same word count.

It may be tempting to choose the cheaper option to keep some money in your pocket. That old saying is true, though: “you get what you pay for.” Don’t be surprised if the cheaper content is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

Here are four very convincing reasons it’s worth paying more for your content.

1. These Writers Have a Better Understanding of Style and Tone

Sure, in today’s technology-centric society, anyone can get on their keyboards and write. That doesn’t necessarily make someone a writer, though.

Professional writers have a firm grasp of style and tone. They can adjust their writing voice to match your company’s with ease. They understand basic SEO rules and can naturally insert keywords, create subheadings, and add calls to action to the copy.

2. The Content Is Better-Written and Thus More Valuable

The content will have lasting value if you pay more. Professional writers can produce rich, communicative, vibrant copy that sings. If you want evergreen content, you’ve got it, and you can keep using it for years to come.

3. The Draft You Receive Will Require Fewer (if Any) Revisions

Revisions don’t always cost you extra money, but they do always cost you time. You have to send the article back to the writer, who has to find the time to edit it. Then you have to look over it again and maybe even send it back a second time.

The revision ping-pong game can go on forever if you choose a cheaper writer. Their content is more likely to be filled with run-on sentences, misspelled words, as well as lack the aforementioned style and tone. This takes a long time to correct.

When you pay more for a writer right out of the gate, you’re not getting a first draft to be finessed. You’re getting polished content that can sometimes can be published as is. If not, the writer will probably only have to make a single round of revisions before the content is ready.

4. There’s Potential to Create a Long-Term Professional Relationship

If you hire a cheap writer and get poor copy that needs to be revised a dozen times, what happens the next time you need to outsource content? You’re going to want to find a brand-new writer.

Save yourself the time. Hire a professional writer the first time, and you can potentially craft a long-term professional relationship. You’ll know that each time your company needs new content, you can trust this writer to produce consistently strong, awesome copy.

Next time you go to outsource your content, think twice. Cheap writers give you the content you need now, but the quality will likely leave something to be desired. Higher-quality writers, like the ones here at WriterAccess, will reliably write with a clear understanding of your tone and style, communicating your company’s needs in a valuable way.

The choice is simple, don’t you think?

Nicole M graduated cum laude with a degree in Communications from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. She has written for a slew of local newspapers in the area, covering topics ranging from town hall meetings, local government corruption, the opening of new businesses, overcrowding in schools, and even an unsolved murder mystery. In the midst of writing these articles, she has interviewed a multitude of people in person and through the phone. She also has freelance writing experience and has spent the past eight months working with a company that sources clients to research and write about a range of topics. These include religion, pet care, calories and nutrition, weight loss, allergies, diseases and conditions, medications and treatments, first-aid, workplace safety, internet and email troubleshooting, and the music business. 

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