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Why No Business Can Afford Not to Use SEO Copywriting Services

It is no secret that content has been crowned king of Internet marketing over the past few years. According to BlueGrass Interactive, 90 percent of B2B marketers currently use some form of content service and 60 percent said they plan to increase spending toward these types of services.

So what makes this new form of marketing so necessary?

1. Increased need to be on top of the search engines  

With over 101 million people equipped with mobile devices, it is becoming common for consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet and find businesses in their area. One found, an average of 58 percent of all searches, according to Google, end up in some form of contact, whether it be a phone call or email sent from the website. When your business has a strong standing with the search engines, you are far more likely to be the one that your next customer clicks on.

2. Customers are finding information in a new way 

Traditional approaches used to pull people into stores, whether online or brick and mortar. However, with article writing, social media and blogging, more companies are posting informative content and putting their brand in front of their customers as an effort to lure them in through useful information. In fact, 79 percent of businesses use article writing to attract customers, 74 percent use social media, and 65 percent use blogs. With these high numbers small businesses need to use these strategies and get in front of their customer to stay competitive.

3. Word-of mouth-marketing is happening through articles and blogs

Word-of-mouth has long been known to be the least expensive form of marketing for any company. Now, through article writing and blogging, your content can create viral campaigns that are spread via word-of-mouth marketing. When high-quality, engaging content is created, people want to share it with their friends and network. This viral approach gives brands more of a chance to reach qualified leads that they may not have been able to reach in the past.

Creating content is vital to make each of these bullet points a success. For that reason, studies show that marketers are planning to increase their spending on outsourced content services from 55 percent to 62 percent. Therefore, finding the best freelance copywriters is important to the success of small and mid-sized businesses to be better equipped to compete with the larger players.

What are you doing to improve your SEO copywriting and content marketing efforts?

Kimberly C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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