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Why Landing Pages are Key to Tracking Your Marketing

keyA quality landing page is an essential part of any content marketing campaign. However, the true worth of a landing page goes far beyond what meets the eye. When you hire a landing page copywriter, you’re not just getting effective website copy out of the deal. You’re getting a tracking juggernaut that can help shape your entire marketing strategy.

The Importance of Tracking
Marketing is about much more than simply putting forth an attractive image that entices leads to buy into your company’s offerings. It’s also about understanding your customers enough to put yourself in the position to deliver the goods on a consistent basis. The best way to do that is to track every interaction that takes place between your company and your customer base.

Imagine shooting a basketball, yet never knowing whether or not you ever made a basket. That’s what it’s like to employ any marketing tactic without using tracking techniques. It’s the only way to know for sure whether or not your efforts are working. And a landing page is as good a tool as any to get you started.

Why Landing Pages Work
In a sense, landing pages are meant to be closers. You’ve already demonstrated your expertise through your content that’s been shared all over the Web. Your landing page is what tells people that you understand where they’re coming from, what their pain points are, and how you can help them resolve those issues. All of this is done in a highly customizable way, so that people feel that you’re talking specifically to them.

This is precisely why tracking through landing pages is so effective. Because you have several landing pages, you’ll be able to see which sources of traffic are most beneficial for your company. You’ll also be able to gauge the response rate from each of these groups, giving you tremendous insight into your calls to action and the content that initially piqued the interest of your leads.

Sustainable Rewards
The best part about landing pages is that they aren’t static. They can and should change over time. And it’s the feedback that you receive from these very landing pages that can show you where your landing pages can improve.

As you learn more about what makes your customers tick, you can tweak any and all aspects of your landing pages to better suit their needs. Your calls to action, website forms and pitches are all areas that may significantly benefit from small changes. By incorporating the feedback you see as a result of tracking your landing page results, you’ll make your landing pages the best they can be.

There’s a reason why landing pages are considered essential to the content marketing package. Simply put, they do a whole lot with just a little. If you pay close attention to the lessons a landing page can teach you, you’ll have the tools necessary to send your content marketing into the next stratosphere.

bryan bBIO:Bryan B is a freelance writer who lives in Long Island, NY. He’s way too excited about fall weather and fantasy football.


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