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Why It’s Better To Have An Army Of Freelancers Than A Single Content Creator

There are some advantage to having a content creator on staff. You can go right to their office, ask them to create something, and then have it on your computer in a short amount of time. That can work in some instances, but it greatly handcuffs your potential. It limits you to the creativity of a single writer and a single voice. So why should you limit yourself? After all, in the world of modern business you’re no longer competing against the similar company on the other side of town. You’re competing with businesses on the other side of the state, in a different country, or on the opposite end of the globe. With a global economy you need a global presence, which means you need to connect with varying demographics. The best way to do this is with an army of freelancers.

Take Advantage Of The Gig Economy

More and more people are taken their talents away from in-house work and setting up shop at home where they can freelance for multiple companies. This helps percolate their creativity as then they are not creating the same content over and over again. Having the ability to move about with varying businesses keeps the creativity flowing, which in turn improves the overall quality of the content they create. It also keeps it fresh and exciting.

As a business owner, if you use a singular content creator they will eventually hit a wall. There may be only so much one person can write about a given topic before they simply can no longer come up with new ideas to splice in. Yet if you decide to turn to freelance writers you have hundreds, if not thousands of highly skilled and qualified writers capable of turning out exceptional copy with a new voice and new ideas.

Different Writers Thrive At Different Topics

As is the case with just about every other task and skill, different writers will thrive on different topics. Some writers will exceed your expectation when it comes to short blog posts while others will blow you away when you want a fictional story written for your website. There are writers who have gone to film school and thrive on writing scripts for videos and instructional videos, while others have worked as social media marketers in the past and put out incredible work for sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When you work with a singular content creator you might have a jack of all trades, but it doesn’t mean they excel at everything they do. Often times a jack of all trades content creator is good at everything, but they excel in nothing. Your business competes with thousands of other businesses spread around the world, which means you need to provide exceptional marketing material, blog posts, social media content and white pages for your customers and potential clients.

To do this do you really think good but not great material will work? Professional athletes go to great lengths to get a leg up on the competition. Swimmers will shave every inch of their body just to reduce any possible traction that might slow them down a fraction of a second. Football players wanting to succeed will spend more time in the film room and more time lifting in order to get smarter and stronger than the competition. For your business, you need to shave away what’s possibly dragging you down. You need to pump up your content and make it stronger. You need to study your key demographics and produce posts that fit their exact needs. An individual content creator is not able to do this. But an army of freelancers can.

Pinpoint The Writers You Like

When you hire an individual content creator you’re more or less stuck with them. Yes, you can let them go and attempt to track down a replacement, but this may mean you’re without a content writer for weeks, if not months, and then you need to bring the new individual up to speed and hope they work out.

When turning to the gig economy freelancers you always have thousands of writers to chose from. If someone produces content that is exactly what you want and really brings in the website views and helps convert visitors to sales you can go back to them as often as you’d like. Of if someone isn’t exactly up to your strict standards you can move on, no harm no foul. There’s no messy break-ups, firings, and dealing with the financial records that your HR department is required to deal with. It’s nice, easy, and you can always target expert writers you like.

Writers Access Thrives In The Gig Economy

At Writers Access you can connect with some of the best freelancers on the planet. These writers have written books, worked for major news outlets and publications. You may have never thought you’d ever land a writer who created content for The New York Times or who published a travel memoir. But you can. So give Writers Access a try today and discover all the benefits of the gig economy.


Greyson F WriterAccessGreyson F. has been writing online content for over eight years and has extensive experience writing in a variety of formats. These formats range from travel reviews and how-to instructional essays to professional journals and academic papers. Major publications such as USA Today, Yahoo!, IBM, Google and others have all produced his work. Additionally, Greyson works as an online video producer and travel photographer. He has worked extensively with the New York Times as well as had video work appear on ESPN and NBC Universal. His travel photography is regularly features by Yahoo!

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