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Why Evergreen Content is Still King

Content is king, true, but not all content is created equal. Think about the kinds of things you look up when you’re seeking information. Some of them are timely items that come from recent news and information. However, many of them aren’t. Much of what people seek out online is information that will stay the same no matter what the time of year. It won’t be outdated in a few months time or even a few years time. It’s evergreen content that stays ripe for reading all year.

Getting Married to Backlinks

Although search engines are tight-lipped about precisely what influences their search engine rankings, the speed and ferocity of linking is a suspected influencer. In other words, company website content that gets a lot of links all at once and then rarely gets linked to again is assumed by search engines to be timely content that is no longer as relevant. Timely pages often get this kind of linking, but evergreen pages attract links that stay steady over time. Timely pages may be the red-hot love affair, but evergreen content is the marriage that keeps on going year after year.

Growing Your Own Forest

Even sites that rely on timely content, such as news, review or ecommerce sites, are getting into the evergreen content game to attract more traffic and more backlinks. Sites like Angie’s List and eBay that once relied on a fast-moving stream of user content now use content writer services to generate evergreen content for an ocean of permanent, linkable pages.

As a webmaster, hiring content writers to write evergreen company website content makes it easy to get the linkbait you want without changing the focus of what you do. Here are a few tried-and-true methods of creating an evergreen forest of linkable pages out of a desert of time-sensitive pages:

  • Create definition pages. Doctors and lawyers often create pages that include definitions of what they do such as medical procedures, types of lawsuits, etc. And, you don’t have to have an advanced degree to let this method expand your website and create universal, evergreen content that grabs eyeballs as well as search engine attention.
  • Create evergreen pages that relate to your time-sensitive content. If you run articles about the latest hair coloring techniques being developed, create a page that chronicles the history of hair coloring or teaches the basics of hair coloring. If your story is about the latest ghost clown attacks, create a page about the history of ghost clowns or profile famous ghost clowns.
  • Talk about your industry. No matter what you sell, give away or haunt, you work within an industry that provides an unlimited opportunity for creating evergreen content about it. A Web content writing service can write about many facets of your industry to create the evergreen forest your website has been waiting for.

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