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Why Content Curation is Your New Best Friend

content creation is your new best friend

What do you call a person who takes charge of a valuable collection? Curation is a term often applied to the art industry, but today, we stretch that meaning to include modern day masterpieces – content.

Okay, so that’s probably a stretch, but content is a valuable asset just the same. That is why you take the time to find a freelance writer like me to get you some. Content that pops gets noticed by just about everyone – consumers, analysts, industry decision-makers and envious competitors.

Content curation is just one in a number of marketing evolutions attributed to the digital world, but why is it important to you?

What It Means to be a Content Curator

If you are a content curator, you have your finger on the pulse of your target audience and decide who lives and dies. No, it’s nothing like that, but it is still kind of important. A content curator is in charge of all things content. Makes sense, right? You decide what goes on display, what goes on the shelf and how to market your fabulous brand using one of the most effective tools available on the Internet.

Content Marketing Institute describes the process as a way to supplement your brand in context to what the world is talking about. Put simply, content curation is about focusing your content on what matters to your audience.

What is the Benefit of Content Curation?

Now that you know what a curator does, what is the point of being one? Benefits include:

  • Finding effective topics for content – Coming up with topics that are fresh is a challenge these days. Part of the curation process is to filter through the Internet muck to find topics that make an impact.
  • Creating agile content strategies – Who is up for a little hashtag relay or whatever is today’s trending fun thing to do on social media
  • Engagement – No self respecting curator is happy sitting on the sidelines. As a content curator, your job is to engage with your audience. The more you get them talking, the more they will talk about you behind your back – in a good way.

What It Takes to be a Great Content Curator?

Steven Rosenbaum with Mashable offers some astute advice on the subject. It starts with understanding the difference between original and rehashed. A good curator strives for distinction. Other relevant tips include:

  • Keep on a schedule – If you want regular readers then post consistently.
  • Get around – Believe it or not, there is more out there than just Facebook.
  • Engage with others – There’s that word again, so it must be important – engage your audience, so they want to share your wisdom.

This sounds really time-consuming and complex, but all it takes is the right tool. A good curation app like Scoop. it is the difference between pulling your content weeds by hand or using a weed whacker.

Darla F is a full-time freelance writer and Level-six WA elitist that will provide you with content you can be proud to curate.

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