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Why a Good Freelance Writer is Worth Their Weight in Gold

writers worth their weight in gold

If you are a business owner committed to content marketing, you likely have weighed the worth of hiring a freelance writer to join your team on more than one occasion. While there are other options besides outsourcing your writing needs to a professional, there are likely none other as beneficial. Let me explain…

Why a Good Freelance Writer is Worth Their Weight in Gold

Because Good Content is Important, And Creating it Takes Time

Back in 1996, Bill Gates was believed to have uttered the phrase, “Content is King.” Today, this statement is even more applicable in the technologically enhanced society in which we live and work. After all, most businesses have an online presence and need content to enhance their page views, and conversion rates. Google’s algorithms have also undergone some changes, making it more important than ever that you have good quality content for search engines to discover. Creating this type of content is of course time-consuming. After all, there are those of us who do it for a living! The whole point of creating engaging, entertaining content is to entice site readers to become followers and/or customers. To do this, you first have to be found by the almighty Google. While the search engine isn’t actually an omnipresent being, in terms of search engine optimization and creating content that can be easily discovered, it might as well be. Experienced writers know that well written, researched and linked articles are what Google wants, and because it’s what Google looks for, it’s what your content needs to be found by its almighty deduction algorithm. A professional writer will make sure your content is Google search engine worthy.

You Need Content, Content and More Content

Today, it’s not just about advertising or a blog that’s important when it comes to marketing. Your customers demand regular content on various platforms including Facebook and Twitter. In order to keep them happy, entertained and educated, your need to be creating and published high-quality content on a regular basis or learn how to repurpose old content in a refreshing way. Again, this takes a great deal of time. As a business owner, time is perhaps your most precious commodity and what you have the least to sacrifice. Thankfully, by hiring a freelance writer to create your content for you and manage this aspect of your business, you can focus on other priorities.

You Will Likely Gain Readers, Members and Subscribers

Let’s face it, we all have our gifts. Not everyone is great at composing content. That’s okay. We as writers certainly couldn’t begin to do your job. When you outsource your writing needs, you get the benefit of someone who understands how to create quality content. They know what they are doing, they are professionals after all. This new level of copy will often yield more eyes on your site. You might even enjoy an increased number of subscribers or page views. This is due in large part to the content being more consistent and having a polished, professional feel.

You Will Have High Quality Content Created by a Professional

Speaking of professional, as you have perfected your own profession, a professional writer is just that, a professional. They have honed their craft over years of practical practice to create the beauty that they can now display for your benefit. You wouldn’t dream of hiring someone off the street to paint your house who has no knowledge of how to do it well. Nor would you allow someone near your car who had no understanding of the inner workings of a car. Why then would you allow someone in your office staff or even yourself, if you are not overly experienced when it comes to taming the written word, to serve as your blog writer?

Sometimes Fresh Copy Benefits From an Outsider’s Perspective

You are immersed within your own specialty niche, which is great in terms of completing and perfecting your service and/or product. However, when it comes to thinking up topics within your business’ scope, you might be a bit restricted in your way of thinking. In other words, you think as an insider, because that’s exactly what you are. However, sometimes fresh copy demands an outsider’s perspective. A good freelance writer will research your business arena and come up with fresh topics you might not have previously considered. You simply cannot duplicate this as a person who is immersed within your business day in and day out.

Suffice to say that it is to your benefit as it relates to time and money to hire a professional freelance writer to become part of your business staff. They are well worth their weight in gold in terms of what they can do to transform your current site into a money-making endeavor through the creation of outstanding content that is both entertaining and beneficial to your customers. Thankfully, here at WriterAccess, you can find several professionals that fit the bill nicely and are ready to become a valued member or your team. Contact us today to learn more.


Brandie Ps career as a freelance writer spans several years and encompasses an abundance of niche specialties. Before beginning her writing career, she was an office manager and worked in the medical field. Her experience in these two fields have come in handy when writing topics pertaining to these fields.

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