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When Should You Drop Orders for Your Freelancers?

You have an idea. So, you want it turned into a blog. Great!

There are thousands of freelancers who will be happy to help you churn your idea into engaging words the world wants to hear. Maybe you don’t yet have a team set up, so you’re planning on dropping some items into the Crowd pool so you can benefit from the fingers of the next available writer. Perhaps you have a go-to wordsmith with whom you trust to churn all of your thoughts into phenomenal wordplay for the web.

In any case, we’re excited you’ve got some ideas working! Before you hit “send” on your next order, let’s take a look at a few things you should consider as far as the timeline goes:

1. What’s Your Timeline Look Like?

We know you’re busy; that’s why we take the content portion of your tasks off your plate. The sooner you can get assignments to us, the better. The most successful freelancers are busy, too. We do our best to accommodate tight turnaround timeframes, but it’s not always possible if our queues are full. (Hint: It’s a good thing if your favorite freelancer’s queue stays full because that means your writer is great at what he or she does!)

Check in with your own timeline before you assign titles. If you need something on a super tight deadline (less than 48 hours), it’s usually best to go to the Crowd orders because there will likely be a writer who’s available to get your piece done within that timeframe.

Be sure the timeline you specify in the order build-out takes your own deadline into consideration. Writers will scan your brief and check in with the deadline on the order itself before they pick it up. If you put a different deadline in fine print within the brief, they won’t likely see it until it’s too late.

Likewise, if you already have some go-to writers you’d like to write your piece for you, but you’re on a tight deadline, reach out to them via message before dropping the order. If they’re available, they’ll gladly take it. If not, you’ll have more time to source another writer who can take care of your copy within your time constraints.

2. What’s Your Writer’s Timeline Look Like?

If you’ve already built a team and have relationships with our writers, congratulations! We love to hear that!

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that freelancers have stuff going on, too. Some of us don’t work on weekends; others only work on the weekends and during off-hours. If you’re in the need for something ASAP, touch base with your team before you send orders.

Ideally, it’s best to assign titles with a week or two leeway. That gives writers time to fit assignments into our queue, and it gives you time to review pieces and request revisions when needed. If your writer doesn’t work on weekends, it’s okay to assign a piece on a Friday as long as the pickup time won’t be scheduled until the normal work week begins. If your writer is super booked, let him or her know if something’s urgent. Otherwise, they’ll get it into their queue as soon as they can.

3. What’s Your Content Calendar Look Like?

Last-minute word scrambles are no good for anybody. If you’re keeping a content calendar, make an effort to drop assignments 30 to 60 days before you plan to post them. This allows ample time for unexpected things like family emergencies, power outages, and other stuff freelancers might have to endure while dealing with your deadline. Once the content’s approved and in queue, you won’t have to worry about it. It’ll just post when it’s ready!

4. What’s Google’s Queue Look Like?

The crazy world of The Google is hard to understand, but one thing’s for sure: nothing’s going to happen overnight. While no reputable freelancer will assure you their words will get you posted on the first page of the search giant, many will assure you it won’t happen within a week’s time. It can take as little as four days, and as long as six months, for the bots to even crawl over your pages.

If you’re shooting for an ultra-special Christmas blog, you might need to try Christmas in July. If you’re going for wedding season, which starts in June, try getting your meat and potatoes running around November.


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