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What Your Freelancers Should Know About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of content marketing.

After all, if your content isn’t actually interesting to readers, it will do your business little good. But what is SEO? And what do the freelancers from your blog writing service need to know about it?

What is SEO?

SEO is the act of optimizing your website and its content so they show up higher in the search results for a keyword or a set of keywords. Great SEO can be achieved through a range of techniques and strategies, from building backlinks to placing keywords within your content.

Content marketing is an essential aspect of SEO; Google and other search engines prioritize websites that establish themselves as authorities on a given topic by creating high-quality content that contains relevant keywords.

What Freelancers Should Know About SEO

If you are doing the keyword research and supplying your freelancer with a list of keywords to put into each post they write, all a freelancer has to know is how to achieve the desired keyword density in a way that sounds natural and doesn’t compromise the quality of the content.

However, you may want to have your freelancer perform their own keyword research. While a freelance writer rate that includes keyword research is typically higher, this service can be incredibly valuable.

A freelancer who is performing their own keyword research needs to know how to use a search optimization tool, such as those provided by Google AdWords, in order to choose relevant keywords with a high search volume and preferably low competition. They will also need to be comfortable with your brand and content marketing strategy to select keywords that are more relevant to your brand.

In the end, having a freelancer who is comfortable with SEO and knows how to create findable content will be incredibly useful in growing your audience and your business.

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Since John A was a child, writing has been his passion. Through years of exploring this passion, wielding the powers of the written word has become something that he has come to excel at. To date, he has published four science-fiction novels, works full-time as a professional copywriter, and has risen to be one of the most well-reviewed freelance writers across a variety of online platforms.

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