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What is the Magic Number for Posting on Business Blogs?

Why should you spend time blogging when you could be focused on other business-related items? Well, if you like to increase revenue, exposure and networks, then you should consider setting aside a few hours a week for this revolutionary marketing tool. After you develop a delightful blog, posting can be as simple as hiring a copywriting service to do the work for you.

The magical number of posts needed to attract potential customers and buyers to a small to medium size business varies. However, the more frequently you forge ahead with a blog post, the better for your business. Flooding the web with valuable content on your blog increases the flow of traffic to your site.

Creating a Blog with Punch

Write your blog posts on specific topics related to your target audience, such as tips for decorating an apartment for a realtor blog or feeding a family for a grocery store blog. Access programs, such as LSI Keywords, to determine the most commonly searched words based on phrases you provide. Create a blog post spreadsheet that identifies keywords you’ve written about to determine the frequency of topics.

Develop a Blogging Habit

For the best results, post on your blog at least once a week; once a day would be fantastic. The super simple way to do this is to add blog posting to your weekly calendar. Pencil in 30 minutes a week at the same time on the same day, such as 10 am on Mondays, and stick to your schedule to develop a habit of posting.

  • According to Digital Sherpa, blog readership peaks from Tuesday to Thursday and from 10 am to 2 pm, so consider having your new posts up and running based on these times.

Tune in to Blogger Frequency

Now that you understand how to develop meaningful content to attract buyers and customers, you are ready to go. But, before you peck out your posts on your keyboard, set a reasonable goal of how many times a week you can realistically post on your blog. Say, for example, that you want to post five times a week with one post per day. Do not forge ahead and start posting every day. To avoid blogger burnout and be able to develop a steady stream of useful content, shoot for one post per week, and gradually increase your posting. Why?

  • It will take more time to write a blog post in the beginning as you will be doing a lot more research for keywords are topics.
  • You may decide that five times a week is impossible, and you feel more comfortable posting every other day instead.

Final Tips for Groovy Posts

Just as with any writing, check for grammar and spelling errors before posting. Also, add hyperlinks to other blogs and informative sites to increase your web network. Other ways to improve your web outreach include:

  • Adding tags to your posts
  • Commenting on blogs related to your own
  • Including your blog site address when commenting on other blogs
  • Sharing your blog address whenever possible, such as on your business cards, brochures and press releases

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