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What is Content Strategy, and Can I Get it at WriterAccess?

Any journey worth taking is worth planning ahead of time. This applies to tangible journeys, like road trips, as well as financial journeys, like building a website.

The best way to ensure that your website gets the results you want–whether you are trying to grow your fan base or increase your income–is to create a road map for building your site: a solid content strategy. Like any other plan, your content strategy should focus on what content you include, how you’ll find the content, and when you should post it for the biggest impact.

It’s a daunting task, but the tools and professionals at WriterAccess can help.

Your Website Vision

Content strategy helps you map out the overall plan of your website, or how each piece of content will be created, managed, and otherwise dealt with. It takes into account all the content your site will hold, both textually and visually. Keep in mind that content strategy is one part of content marketing, but they are not the same thing.

Tactics and Execution

If your website vision is the what of content strategy, tactics and execution are the how and why. It includes the actual creation and scheduling of articles, as well as editing content designed to be posted on your site. This can include blog posts, landing pages, and even confirmation emails.

The dedicated team at WriterAccess is uniquely qualified to help you with this task. Our talent pool includes writers with a wide variety of skills and experience levels, which gives you the ability to scale your budget up or down depending on the level of involvement you need. You’ll be able to schedule projects months in advance, and remain secure in the knowledge that you’ll have a steady stream of quality content that fits your overall strategy.

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Victoria B has been a full time freelance writer since early in 2009, with articles published in, the online version of The San Francisco Examiner, Garden Guides,,, and other sites. She can write how-to guides, straight informative articles, restaurant and travel reviews, and keyword-guided SEO content.

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