What About Word Associations Now

Sometimes you get stuck with a word or a sentence just doesn’t flow. You need a new word but bugger a thesaurus. You want something more than a descriptive definition, something that helps you branch out with your wordsmithing. Well, as if you didn’t already know the web was wonderful, now we have another reason to rejoice as grammar fans. You can create visual word associations including straight-up word webs for free, right after you read this blog post.

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus

The Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus provides you with a spiderweb of word associations. You get the word cloud effect without having to draw it out yourself. You see the connected words along with how many degrees of separation they are from the main word. Take the word ‘association‘ for example. Association is associated with:

  • Unification
  • Organization
  • Grouping
  • Chemical process
  • Relation
  • Connection
  • Tie-up

Each of these words is branched out of the main word, looking just like a sparkly snowflake. Use these words to help stimulate other word associations beyond what a basic thesaurus can do. Look at featured trendy word lists on the Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus to get ideas for content if you’re just stuck.

Some tips for using the site:

  • Please note you are limited to how many times you can search for a word, which varies depending on how frequently you use the site and how many devices you have.
  • You get a popup image whenever you retrieve a result, so keep your popup blocker un-blocked when using the site.

Answer the Public

This is another great resource that new web content writers may not be aware of—Answer the Public. With this site, you get word associations based on circle diagrams, lists, and questions using the word you are searching for. It’s great for stimulating word and topic associations. Take a look at what Answer the Public looks like for when I searched for ‘associations.’ That’s 135 questions alone using the word ‘associations,’ including:

  • “How are associations important to learning?”
  • “Create associations when installing PyCharm?”
  • “When do sleep associations develop?”
  • “Which symbiotic associations form lichen?”

Ah, see what kind of word association magic you can find online for free?

Say Yes to More Word Magic

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