Word rhymes

Welcome to the Rhyme Zone

Word rhymes

This blog post is about the most amazing site, Rhyme Zone, which means, of course, this blog post must also rhyme clean. Like steady Testudines be like Tiny Tim ready to drink up all the water and eat up all the poetic soap. Get ready to spit rhyming syllables from your spiracle. With the word whetstone of the Rhyme Zone, your blog posts can become lyrical miracles—of a metaphorical tone.

Welcome to the Rhyme Zone

Get your rhyme in the right time with a free site giving the green light to all things rhyming—the Rhyme Zone. April was National Poetry Month, after all, but if you missed your prose inspiration, you’ve got twelve months to get into the swing of things before the next poetry-spinning month appears on the calendar. Spin and spit and sing and shout in more words and ways than you can wildly dream. And yes, dear reading writer, there is an app for the Rhyme Zone—available for Android, Alexa, Apple, and as an add-on for Google Docs.

How to Work With Words

So what now? How do you proceed with poetic passion and enthusiasm? Pick a word, and search for either the words that rhyme with it according to letters or syllables. By the way, if you go Advanced Search you are redirected to the section reserved for songwriters. Find words and phrases that are most commonly associated with other songs and lyrics. As for the most commonly rhyming words in English, Rhyme Zone reports these are the top five throughout the ages:

  • Touch/Much
  • Above/Love
  • Give/Live
  • Much/Touch
  • Apart/Heart

The top rhymes of Touch/Much are located 914 times in lyrics and poems including lines by Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the Les Miserables soundtrack. Decide whether to rhyme in time with other lyricists or to spin your own original verbiage by using the rhymes less rhymed.

Most Rhyming Words

If you are struggling to get started with any rhymes whatsoever, start with the most common players. Along with the pre-mentioned top rhymes, add this to your writer word boards:

  • Do/You rhymes are hottest among today’s pop artists; juice up your content with do’s and you’s by the handfuls.

Next, scroll to the end of this Slate article on Counting Couplets to find out the most common rhymes by your favorite pop artist from your times. If you like The Doors like I do, you’ll see the Do/You rhyme, along with Beer/Near and Free/Sea.

Compare this to the rhymes of the Beatles—Do/You, Me/See, and Be/Me. A whole lot of “me” going on there, compared to the freewheeling sounds of the Doors. But maybe that’s just this writer’s favoritism and amores.

Now that you’ve played around with rhymes on Rhyme Zone, you are ready to create your own poetic power play. Use this free site to create web content here at WriterAccess.


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