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SEO: Poetic License


Poetry is a type of writing that allows the inner mind to roam. It is sometimes a way to create a link that touches readers and holds them captive. Do you have a favorite poem? If so, what was it about that poem that has allowed you to hold it dear? Whatever the answer, it is “that” which creative writers give to SEO marketing. There is something about poetry that creates an image in our mind, gives us something to hold onto or for which to reach. Whatever that is for you, it is worth its weight in gold to SEO marketing.

Content and Poetry

With a garage full of tools from which to choose, be sure to pick the best writing style for the job. The results are always better when you use the right tool. There are various styles of writing and poetry is not going to be useful to every project, but can you sneak it in as a tool to highlight or elevate your content? The answer is probably yes. This becomes less about what the machine side of SEO thinks and more about what the personal side of SEO wants. Poetry can do that. It touches people in many ways. It is descriptive, fun, and lyrical.

Using Poetry in the Creation of SEO Content

Writers are often burdened with requests that demands to make the content lift off the page. That request is almost always followed by the most bizarre keyword phrase, such as “Luxury Condos best” or “Thailand Vacation Cheap.” Those keywords are not going to lift off the page. They are going to be as an anchor and weigh the whole thing down. Content managers, at times, are a slave to keyword generators. Thus, the awkward arrangement of words: Luxury Condos best.

Luxury condos best

Your funky upscale nest

with views galore

that never bore.

Priced oh so nice

for to entice

a call to your realtor.

That changes things around and removes that weight of that awkward keyword phrase. There are many different styles of poetry that range from free verse to structured sonnets and haiku — even song lyrics are poetry! Poems are very much a part of our lives, even if we are not aware of them.

In marketing, poetry is a way to take your message from text to another format. We talk a lot about descriptive words. Adding special words to your standard sentence is much akin to writing free verse poetry. Consider vehicle descriptions, such as that for the 2014 Toyota Avalon.

The 2014 Toyota Avalon is a luxury sedan that seats five. Newly designed for 2014, the Toyota Avalon is classy inside and out.

The 2014 Toyota Avalon offers a richly appointed cabin that comfortably seats five. The new design offers fluid lines that create movement; a predator on the open road. Inside, find a wealth of comfort, precision, and technology that is pleasing to the eye and the driver; a peaceful place for which you long.

I don’t know about you, but I want that peaceful place for which I long. There is a place in SEO for poetry, but like all tools, there is some craft mastery involved. A great guide to various kinds of poetry can be found at The Poetry Foundation. Go ahead, get your haiku on!

David S is a freelance writer who loves the creative side of writing. He primarily writes blog posts, articles for travel, outdoor living, healthcare, investing and gardening. He recently celebrated his 2000 approved article here.

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