Weekly Round-Up: Edgier than Maleficent’s Horns

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did you see Maleficent? If not, that makes you, me, and that’s probably it. It had a huge opening weekend both domestically ($70 million) and abroad ($100 million).

How did they do it? Analysts are saying it’s all thanks to Disney’s marketing towards women, rather than kids. Smart move, Disney, smart move.

On to the Round-Up!


In Content Marketing News: Every minute of every day 346 blog posts are published to WordPress, 27,778 blog posts are published to Tumblr, over 100,000 tweets are sent, along with thousands of other photos, shares, likes, etc. In that same minute online consumers spend $272,000.

Learn how to be heard and build trust through content marketing.

In Social Media News: Let’s study the evolution of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile from 2005 to today…. (And that’s all you’ll ever need to know about Facebook.)

In Writing News: Come up with 50 topic ideas in 30 minutes. Ready, GO!

In Memoriam: We’d like to pay homage to the great Maya Angelou and thank her for the amazing things she did with words.

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