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Weekly Round-Up: What is Great Writing?

What is great writing and how do we craft it?

We know great writing when we see it. It’s simple, free of pointless words or phrases, and somehow still manages to engage us completely.

Great writing elicits emotion. It reaches out and tugs at something in our brains or hearts, and manages to convince us that the author has written it just for us.

But it has to be unique. Or you risk sounding corny, cliché, and, well…sorta like a contestant on a dating show.

We’re not going to let that happen. Watch the latest addition to our Byronisms series for some insight on how to craft great writing, and check out the advice that our writers have dished up this week, too!


Simple: As we say in our video, great writing isn’t about stunning readers with compound sentences, abstruse words and showy word-o-technics. Focus on a single topic, and keep things short and sweet if you want to produce your best writing. Still not convinced? Check out this post on Why Your Readers Prefer Simple Writing.

Engaging: When great writing is personalized for the customer journey, it has the ability to engage us in powerful ways. Speaking of being able to engage people, have a look at the 10 Best-Kept Secrets of Effective Headline Writing if you want to learn how to draw readers in from the get-go.

Emotional: We’re big-time believers that great writing makes us feel a certain way, and that the tone of your writing largely depends on the amount of emotion you incorporate into it. If you’re unsure of when to make your writing formal and when to keep it casual, check out this post on Choosing the Right Tone for Your Material.

Unique: Finally, use words that will resonate with your audience by telling your story in a unique way. If you’re struggling to think outside the box, these 3 Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Web Content Writing just might have you stepping out of your comfort zone.

In case you missed it: In this month’s Q&A, 6-Star writer Miranda B. gave some pretty great advice for anyone looking to freelance. 

“Great writing is everywhere.
But the world needs more of it, that’s for sure.”

Look for more Byronisms coming soon to our YouTube Channel!

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