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Website Content Marketing Advice from the “Bowl”

Lessons in Content Marketing from the SuperbowlThe Super Bowl is when the two top NFL teams come together and play to determine which team can call themselves champions for that year. However, there is something that is almost as anticipated as the game itself—the commercials! If you study these commercials, you will quickly see why. These commercials are unique, have the ability to go viral and have widespread appeal. Thinking about these elements is a great way to design your next website content marketing campaign too. Discover what marketing tricks you can learn from the biggest bowl game of them all!

Uniqueness in Content Marketing

The most memorable commercials are those that are a bit out of the ordinary. It might surprise you, but many of the most effective commercials are downright nutty. The 2013 Super Bowl commercial for Doritos chips called “Goat for Sale ” was just this. It featured a goat who loves Doritos, and the problems that go along with this. The lesson learned from this ad is that you can’t be afraid to be different. Providing your visitors or customers with content marketing that is “outside the box” will set you apart from your competition in the best way possible.

Let’s Go Viral

It is no surprise that super bowl ads make the leap from your television to Youtube and wind up getting shared amongst friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. In recent years, the ads that got the most attention after the big game were those that were inherently sharable. When you’re creating content for your page, think beyond “day one.” Consider what you could do you to your blog post or social media activity to make your readers and visitors click that “share” button. This will gain you exposure far beyond the day you post.

Appeal to the Masses

Think about it—when you publish content, how would it appeal to your grandmother, or the teenager down the street? While you may not be able to make everything you post work for every reader, it never hurts to think about giving your content that little something that makes it appeal to everyone. One of the best examples of this was the 2013 Super Bowl ad by Budweiser, Brotherhood . It showed the story of a young Clydesdale horse that wanted to earn his bells and pull the beer wagon. While Budweiser beer may not be a product that appeals to everyone, the challenges of this cute little horse crossed the line into being something that appeals to the masses.

Creating website content that makes an impact is not always easy. However, if you spend some time watching successful television ads—especially during the Super Bowl—you’ll see it is possible to go beyond your product or service and reach your audience. Content marketing requires creativity and an eye on the big picture; don’t let the day-to-day grind of producing content keep you from remembering this.

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