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With over a decade of experience in the content-writing business, Tracy has seen it all and written about most of it. Tracy has real-world small, local business knowledge. She can provide elevated assistance to smaller firms, including but not limited to plumbers, hairstylists, lawyers, and real estate agents--allowing them to reach new heights through content marketing. Tracy is also comfortable writing about vaping, CBD, and dispensary-related topics.

Tracy knows actions speak louder than words. She's excited to get down to business and start crafting content for small companies from an SEO standpoint and to convert browsers into customers.

With her educational and real-world experience, Tracy is here to get the job done.
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Tracy specializes in working with local businesses who need SEO-driven content, but also want content that is interesting and informative to "real readers" too. Some of the most common businesses Tracy works with include HVAC, plumbers, pest control, pawn shops, antique malls, salons, chiropractors, law offices, real estate firms, and home improvement companies. Tracy is also comfortable writing about cannabis and vaping topics. No matter how common or obscure, she will be happy to do the research required to cover your niche with the painstaking attention to detail it deserves.

Tracy is active on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Poshmark. She also has experience with other sales platforms, so content geared for the buying audience is another area where she shines.

She is comfortable writing web content including "About Us" pages, service descriptions, ‚Äčand landing pages. Tracy is also a highly skilled blogger and enjoys the challenge of writing in a style that allows her to capture the personality of an organization.

While subjects such as these are her specialties, Tracy loves a challenge and is always eager to write about a new or even unusual topic. She has written about topics as varied as homemade soap, zombies, credit scores, plastic reindeer, hybrid vehicles and a real estate agent nicknamed "Big Frank."


Tracy enjoys playing competitive pool (8 and 9-ball), reading historical fiction, home improvement projects, yard sale and thrift store "picking", and upcycling vintage items. If she's on her phone or tablet, she's probably browsing eBay, Etsy or Instagram.


Chattahoochee Technical College

Tracy attended school from 09 - 12 studying in the fields of Technical Communications and Accounting.


2,503 Projects Completed

Finding the perfect writer for a hobby topic is tricky. There are many interests and activities that can qualify as such. Tracy considers herself especially knowledgeable regarding science fiction and fantasy role playing games (RPGs) as well as billiards, bowling and poker. Plus, thinking outside the box is one of Tracy's specialties. So no matter how obscure the hobby topic (underwater basket weaving anyone?) Tracy can research as necessary to create professional content designed to her client's specifications.


2,371 Projects Completed

Tracy has written extensively within the health and wellness industries. Some of her specialties include dentistry, cosmetic surgery, pain management and general wellness. She is very comfortable with creating both web content (such as individual web pages and service descriptions) as well as blog posts.


2,162 Projects Completed

Tracy is a versatile writer and a research specialist. She writes about topics as diverse as plastic reindeer, black mold, and gallbladder surgery. She is comfortable writing about both vaping and cannabis-related topics. Because of this, she is an excellent choice for a writer in a less-common or misunderstood industry. She relishes a challenge and loves writing about a new subject.


1,965 Projects Completed

As a highly technical topic, construction and home improvement content deserves expert treatment--Tracy provides this and much more. With industry experience working with roofers, plumbers, garage door manufacturers, property management companies and new home construction groups, Tracy is well versed in what it takes to create quality construction content. In addition to her experience as a writer in this exciting field, she has worked as a property manager and maintenance technician for a large motel/RV park. During this time, she learned the basics of plumbing, carpentry, landscaping and general building maintenance.


1,577 Projects Completed

Tracy has written marketing pieces from many different angles. Working with an inbound marketing blog, she learned the ins and outs of what converts in terms of SEO and social media. One thing she can promise is that every marketing piece is written with professional level research. She loves learning about new marketing strategies and works directly with her clients in this realm to produce pieces that are effective and interesting.

In addition, Tracy has several regular clients in the sign, printing and promotional product industries--she feels she has a high-level knowledge of each of these topics.


929 Projects Completed

Tracy is highly experienced with writing content for the insurance industry. She has written how-to guides, blog posts and descriptions of insurance products, Tracy brings both knowledge and flair to the project. Tracy has written content for several large insurance agencies and handled specialty insurance topics for off-site content marketing as well.

Home Living

813 Projects Completed

Tracy regularly writes for clients in the home living industry. Much of her written work in this field is in the area where home living meets construction--working with companies such as plumbers, roofing contractors, handyman services and other similar businesses. Clients appreciate her writing style, excellent research skills and her attention to detail.

Real Estate

792 Projects Completed

Tracy has studied real estate both in and out of the classroom. She understands the basic lingo and knows the best resources for researching a real estate topic. She recently completed a course through the Georgia Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that focused on home buying. Additionally, she has worked with a number of property management firms creating web content and owner/tenant documentation.

Whether you are an agent who wants your website to stand out from the crowd, or you need a property description, Tracy can write your real estate piece with ease.

Self Help

758 Projects Completed

Self help can come in many forms. Tracy has worked on projects regarding diet, drug rehabilitation, the law of attraction and other related topics. She is always happy to research a self help topic and learn the best ways to turn the raw information into high quality content.


755 Projects Completed

Taking care of others is an important job. Tracy has worked on the front lines in the hospitality industry. As a Barista (one skilled in the preparation of coffee) and working for a major-chain hotel, Tracy learned what it means to work one-on-one with customers.

In recent years, Tracy began utilizing these skills in her writing. She is always excited to find a hospitality project where she can create content that gives her the same opportunity to connect with customers.


656 Projects Completed

When clients have a need for medical content, They generally want to work with an expert. Tracy is an experienced writer--with a background in technical communications. While she may not have formal education in healthcare, what she does have is a passion for research. She will take any topic, learn everything she can about it and produce a piece perfect for use on your website or within a blog.


637 Projects Completed

"Business" is used to describe any number of topics. Tracy has worked with finance officers, human resource managers and other professionals to create business and office documents. In addition to her writing experience, Tracy has taken quite a few business management classes as part of the requirements necessary to obtain her accounting degree.

"No matter what the business, Tracy makes it HER business to provide content that exceeds expectations."


630 Projects Completed

Tracy has extensive experience writing for tech companies small and large. Even when covering a topic she doesn't know the ins and outs of, you can feel confident in her research skills. She will do what it takes to make sure your project is perfect. She is especially skilled at making tech accessible for a broad audience.


574 Projects Completed

Tracy is a highly experienced auto writer. She is comfortable handling mechanical and "how-to" topics. However, where she really shines is writing about sales and finance. In fact, some of her favorite firms to write for are title loan companies, pawn shops and use car lots. She will work with you to help it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

She's excited to work with more clients in this industry here on WriterAccess.


558 Projects Completed

Tracy's writing for the gaming industry has run the gamut in terms of topics and styles. She's worked on the creative side of things, helping with world-building and narrative writing in the fantasy genre (ie Dungeons and Dragons). She has written blogs focused on Facebook and mobile games but has worked with many "hard core" gaming topics too. In addition to video gaming, she is comfortable writing about gambling topics as well. Tracy has extensive knowledge about many of these games and the inner-workings of them, as well as a consumer's opinion, due to her years working in the gaming industry. Gaming is one of her favorite topics to tackle.

Green Products

514 Projects Completed

Living green is an important goal--Tracy practices this in her day-to-day life by utilizing green products and solutions when possible. This has given her a unique insight into writing for eco-friendly companies too. She will do everything possible to learn about a green product before she sits down to write about it.


511 Projects Completed

Tracy has written a number of articles about fitness, nutrition and related topics. Many of these are well-ranked on Google. She is particularly interested in running and has knowledge regarding MMA (mixed martial arts.)


500 Projects Completed

Tracy loves shopping--and writing about it too, of course! She often tackles projects for web-based stores that include link bait content, blog posts and product descriptions. She never cuts corners and always puts in the extra time for research and familiarizing herself with the web store or product at hand.


497 Projects Completed

Tracy has extensive experience writing for the legal industry. With several business law classes under her belt, she has a rudimentary knowledge of legal terms, particularly geared towards the business sector. Tracy has also written hundreds of pages of content for the divorce law industry. In addition, she has a long-term off-site client who regularly hires her to craft content related to DUI and general defense-related topics.


480 Projects Completed

From accounting to productivity and human resources to communications, many different elements work together to keep an office running smoothly. Few writers understand more about each of these aspects than Tracy does. During her college years (in which she obtained a degree in Accounting), she took many business-related courses. Since then, she has written web content for a number of firms about diverse office-related topics.


474 Projects Completed

Tracy spent several years single mom, so much of her knowledge in this area was learned in the trenches. In addition to this, Tracy took a few classes on childcare and at one time held a certificate in Child Development. Tracy has also ghostwritten for a number of "mommy blogs"--sharing her knowledge and passion with moms and dads all over the world.


376 Projects Completed

Tracy is a pet lover, and keeper of six fabulous felines of her own. She spent time working for a pet groomer, so she has hands on experience with dogs and cats. Additionally, she has knowledge of fish and birds, which she has gleaned from time spent around other's animals.


370 Projects Completed

Tracy has worked regularly on gardening and floral related projects. She wrote an email newsletter for a locally-based florist that received rave reviews from the owner and opened the door for her to rewrite the entire website for the company. She loves flowers but also has a knowledge of herbs, vegetables, and other plants. In addition, Tracy regularly writes for pest control companies--an industry that often goes hand in hand with gardening.


358 Projects Completed

Tracy loves to travel, and as she's married to a Geography teacher, her bucket list of places to go is longer than most! Living in Georgia, she is lucky to have the chance to regularly visit the beaches of Florida and the mountains of North Georgia and Tennessee.

Tracy also spent time "roadtripping" across the Plains states when she was younger and visits Las Vegas almost annually to participate in the national pool tournament held at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Writing about travel is one of Tracy's passions and a topic she hopes to explore more in the future.


332 Projects Completed

Transportation is the heart of industry--and vital to everyday life too. Tracy is comfortable writing about many facets of the transportation industry. She has written extensively for car hire and limousine services, moving companies and tour groups, but she can also tackle more complex projects such as those involving business logistics.


325 Projects Completed

As a home improvement and HVAC specialist, Tracy has knowledge of many common and not-so-common appliances. While she may not know a particular appliance intimately, she will do the research necessary to give the content an expert feel. She is also comfortable researching and writing about the Energy Star guidelines. No matter if a client needs a product description, blog post or press release, Tracy is the right choice for any appliance-related content.


315 Projects Completed

Tracy has written many short blogs for an online college, reviewing the different fields of study. These consist of details about the school, awards received and other topics that would be of interest for those who are considering applying to go to school at one of these colleges. This project taught her much about research as well encouraging a clean, no-fluff writing style. She has also written other education-related pieces and she has a particular passion for the plight of teachers--as she is married to a middle school social studies teacher.


297 Projects Completed

Home decor, interior design and even architecture are all subjects that Tracy tackles with both skill and passion. She has background knowledge on the subjects and she is always willing to go the extra mile to research a specific topic as required. While she enjoys design topics in general, her specialties are flooring and wall covering. No matter what a firm's content goals in the design industry, Tracy is a great choice to help reach them.

Search Marketing

290 Projects Completed

Tracy regularly completes projects for search marketing firms as well as articles about the topic. She produced a white paper on inbound marketing that exceeded the expectations of her client and has received rave reviews from those who have read it. She works with her client to create content is both search engine friendly and interesting to the actual reader.

Green Living

285 Projects Completed

Tracy is experienced with writing for a number of industries, but none is so near and dear to her heart as green living. Whether an organization is specifically devoted to green practices, or the client is hoping to take the business in a more eco-friendly direction, Tracy will do the research necessary to create content geared towards the greater good.


271 Projects Completed

Beauty is a topic that Tracy particularly enjoys covering. She loves studying the newest trends in cosmetics and style, but her experience extends further than that. Tracy has extensive experience writing for plastic surgeons, day spas and beauty clinics. No matter what the particular topic, Tracy will do the necessary research and cover it with precision while giving content warmth? and personality.


241 Projects Completed

Tracy has written dozens of webpages and blogs on technology and electronics.These include many articles about iPhone, Android, tablet computers and other items. Many of these have been aimed at business people who use these tools as part of their work. She has also written many articles about marketing towards those who use these items on a daily basis.


241 Projects Completed

Career writing can take on many forms. From blogging for a temp agency to creating articles that inspire those on the job search, career writing is very important. Tracy has a wide range of topical knowledge, making her a natural choice for any career-related piece.

Web Development

232 Projects Completed

One of the areas Tracy is extremely comfortable writing about is web development. She writes content about website creation, social media presence,design and other simple topics. However, she is also happy to do the research necessary to write high quality content about more tech-oriented subjects in the area of web development.


227 Projects Completed

Tracy has knowledge of a number of sport-related topics. She has written about basketball, soccer, bowling and mixed martial arts. She would love the opportunity to write about billiards or pool if given the opportunity--as this is one of her greatest passions.


224 Projects Completed

Tracy has a passion for cooking. She loves writing about the subject and has hands-on experience too. Clients who are looking for a writer for food-related blogs, product descriptions for kitchen items and write ups of fine dining restaurants and wines appreciate the passion and expertise Tracy brings to each job.


209 Projects Completed

One of the keys to overall wellness is good nutrition. Whether nutrition is found by cooking healthful foods or through the addition of natural supplements, Tracy is happy to tackle a piece about the topic. Tracy has hands-on experience with low-carb, paleo and gluten-free diets.


200 Projects Completed

Tracy understands gambling terminology and is comfortable researching gambling-related topics. She has written numerous blog posts about online gambling and has also crafted descriptions of themed slot machines and poker games.


166 Projects Completed

Tracy enjoys writing fashion-related pieces. She has a particular affinity for writing about fun clothes, like costumes, fetish wear and other pieces, but she is open to writing about nearly anything. Tracy is willing to take the time to learn about any garment or company to give each piece the spin it deserves.


153 Projects Completed

Tracy enjoys crafting, especially upcycling older furniture and using the Cricut. She has written for a number of blogs that highlight crafting techniques and industry news. Tracy is always happy to research on or offline to learn more about a particular craft and create the best possible content.


124 Projects Completed

As a woman herself, Tracy can easily write about topics geared towards a female audience. She is comfortable writing pieces that are edgy as well as tackling hot button topics. Tracy is equally comfortable writing about women's sexuality, a description of a new pair of ladies sneakers or something on feminism in the workplace, making her a well-rounded content writer--especially when the audience is primarily female.


111 Projects Completed

Tracy follows the entertainment industry extensively and as such enjoys picking up projects in this area when possible. One of her specialties is taking other topics and connecting them with what's happening in entertainment and pop culture.


94 Projects Completed

Finding the right employee for the job is never easy. Tracy can make it easier! Tracy has written content for temp agencies, headhunters, major corporations and even job hunters themselves. She knows how to craft content that gets results--no matter what the focus.


92 Projects Completed

Outdoor-related writing topics are a natural fit for Tracy, as she enjoys many outdoor activities in her own time. She has written pieces about a day at the park, choosing the right beach for a family trip or what equipment to bring to the deer stand--among many other projects. Tracy will do the research to complete every project with the utmost in professionalism.

Blog Post

8,999 Projects Completed

Tracy is a highly experienced blog writer. In addition to her work for other sites, she has been regularly featured in the WriterAccess blog. Tracy can write short, to-the-point posts designed to catch the reader's attention quickly? or produce longer pieces that are more article-like in scope. No matter if her client requires a lighthearted and fun attitude or something more serious, she will carefully research the topic and weave her words to create the perfect post.

Web Page

2,712 Projects Completed

Tracy particularly enjoys the challenge of creating web page content. This content can include things such as home pages, about me, bios, contact us and product descriptions. She is always happy to do the research necessary to create great content to meet the needs of any webpage owner. No matter the industry, Tracy is able to deliver.


1,784 Projects Completed

An article is not the same thing as a blog post. Most organizations want a writer who understands this difference and who can create content that meets very specific needs.

Tracy is a skilled article writer who will study each topic and give the article the attention it deserves. No matter the publishing needs of a firm, Tracy will work with the client, research the topic and create an article that is sure to wow.

Twitter Post

1,050 Projects Completed

In addition to her typical writing work, Tracy spends time on social media marketing tasks. Her work on Twitter gives her the challenge of sharing a message in just a few characters. Tracy can create promotional Tweets or help her clients find the right quotes or retweets to connect with and engage followers.

Product Description

561 Projects Completed

Product descriptions are particularly tricky for many writers. Tracy will go the extra mile researching a product and create a description that will not only serve visitors well, one that will likely rank highly with Google and other search engines. This type of balance in writing is what sets Tracy apart.

Facebook Post

315 Projects Completed

Tracy regularly writes social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media portals. She's happy to work with your content--creating intro posts, or she can write Facebook posts to go with her own blog posts. Additionally, she knows Facebook. Social media is one of her favorite topics to write about too!

Email Copy

277 Projects Completed

Staying in contact with vendors, customers and potential customers is important. Tracy can help her clients with this important form of communication. Whether the need is for something "straight to the point," promotional, instructional or friendly, Tracy can put the message into words. Additionally, she has studied the concept of the "drip campaign" and understands how to format these emails for the highest possible conversion rate.

Press Release

117 Projects Completed

Tracy has written press releases for a number of clients including small businesses, the entertainment industry and non-profit organizations. She can spin nearly any message into a newsworthy press release. If her client has specific requirements, such as for a certain wire service, she will do everything possible to meet those needs and will provide cheerful revisions upon request.

Newsletter Content

114 Projects Completed

Tracy has written newsletter content for a number of clients. One of her long-term writing relationships had her putting together a newsletter for a floral company within the "Mad Mimi" program. Tracy has also used MailChimp. Whether her clients need a full newsletter or just an article or two to spice up the copy printed for anorganization, Tracy would love to help!

White Paper

47 Projects Completed

A white paper is a large, extensive document that requires the utmost in research, attention to detail and care. Tracy will do what it takes to understand the topic and create a white paper that fits the needs of her client. Whether he or she is creating a white paper for sales, marketing or customer outreach, she will help each client succeed.


28 Projects Completed

Tracy has written video scripts for marketing in several industries. These have generally been short "Youtube" style videos. She understands that writing for a video script is slightly different than writing content that will be read online. As such, she utilizes certain strategies to make sure her video content is well-written and will get results!


17 Projects Completed

Tracy has created slideshow style presentation content as well as video scripts. She enjoys the challenge of working within these limited constraints and is more than happy to work with her clients to make sure that the content exceeds all expectations.

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