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We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost…Writers

There’s a specter haunting celebrities. Whispered fears of inauthenticity waft through the air like Miss Havisham’s perfume. We are here to dispel the fears, born of unfamiliarity and assumption, that surround ghostwriting.

From rap stars and politicians to Instagrammers and business moguls, ghostwriters have helped celebrities across industries share their experiences and expertise with others. Given the concerns about credibility and accuracy that seem to arise when the media discovers the presence of a ghostwriter, you might question why celebrities continue to use them.

Gather round and we’ll share why celebrities, and businesses, are embracing rather than exorcising the ghostwriters in their midst.

1. Ghostwriters Give Your Soul Some Body

How many times have you heard someone present an idea you had, but in a more cohesive and coherent way? It happens to all of us. Your best ideas deserve the best possible delivery. When you work closely with a ghostwriter, their job is to take your thoughts and flesh them out. They will worry about how to tailor your message to different demographics. As a result, you have the freedom focus on the emphasizing the soul, or essence, of what you want to express.

There are few career fields where it is more important to ensure the core truth of a message is maintained than in politics. Yet, it is common knowledge that politicians use speechwriters, especially those who are known as inspiring orators. Excellent speechwriters understand the essential substance of what a politician wants to convey and craft it into a form that will resonate with the intended audience. A talented ghostwriter can do for you what a speechwriter can do for a politician.

2. Ghostwriters Embody the Spirit of Your Brand

There is a prevalent misconception that you are the only person who could write authentically about your brand. In truth, a skillful ghostwriter may be able to do a better job of maintaining brand consistency because they are a separate entity. In most businesses, several people contribute to the full body of content created and shared by the company. When seen as a whole, the spirit of the brand should be apparent throughout the entirety of your content.

An excellent ghostwriter will listen to your instructions and your topic. It is then their job to craft a piece of writing that fits seamlessly with your other publicity. With a ghostwriter to worry about brand consistency, you can turn your attention to the other responsibilities that require your attention.

3. Ghostwriters Can Bend Time

Okay, ghostwriters cannot literally bend time. But they can make it feel that way. If writing is not one of your talents, the time it takes you to create engaging content that will pop off the page could be better spent. Effective time management relies on knowing what to outsource and what to do in-house. When everyone works according to their talents and skills, it is possible to accomplish amazing things in what feels like no time at all.

Hopefully, we have dispelled some of the myths that surround ghostwriting. There’s no reason to be scared of hiring a ghostwriter. In fact, once you find a ghostwriter to create stellar content, the results and engagement they bring to your business may be spooky!

Elizabeth L is a celebrant and former adjunct professor of English with a background in non-profit administration and customer service. She holds an MA in English with a graduate concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University. She also holds a BA in English with a minor in Religious Studies from Westminster College. Her professional writing experience includes academic research, literary criticism, grant writing, non-profit copywriting, and copyediting. 

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