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Ways to Grow Your Email List

Grow Email ListHave you ever wondered how some bloggers get thousands of fans? How some website content providers seem to have clients just falling out of their pockets? How some beginning authors sell hundreds or thousands of books the first month they publish? The answer is the email list, the best advertising your business can have.

People on your email list are motivated clients, because they voluntarily gave you their address in exchange for information, entertainment, or some sort of ongoing exchange. They’re more likely to read your blog, buy your book, or hire you for a freelance gig than uninformed strangers would be. The more of these pre-qualified clients you have, the bigger your business can get, so building your email list should be a high priority for you.

Growing an email list with thousands of names might seem to be a huge task, but with some creativity and a variety of methods your list can grow surprisingly fast.

  • Put a link to your list on your website or blog. This is the most basic way to begin a list. Simply ask for their address and give them something simple in return such as insider access to future projects or exclusive sneak peeks to your work.
  • Give away something free in exchange for an address. Write a special short story, produce an informational white paper, gather a collection of your favorite blogs. Find something your readers will find valuable and give it away.
  • Put a link to your email list on your Facebook fan page. If a reader has gone so far as to “like” you on Facebook, signing up for your email updates isn’t too far of a stretch.
  • Offer a newsletter. Write updates on your upcoming books, write about your work writing content or simply give advice on your chosen topic niche. People will give their address if they think they’re getting something in return.
  • Put a link to your list signup in your email signature, at the end of your eBooks and on all blog post signatures.
  • Expand into the 3D world and put the address to your email list link on your business cards. You should be talking about your business offline as well as online, and handing out these cards is the perfect opportunity to convert a casual conversation into another potential client.
  • Write a funny or informative newsletter that clients will find valuable. If it’s good enough, some of them will share it with their friends, turning them into your salespeople. Encourage them to do this.
  • Create an online webinar in your niche topic and require email addresses for signing up.
  • Hold an online contest to give away goods or services, and ask for email addresses as an entrance requirement.

From basic to inventive, you can find dozens of different ways to increase the size of your email address list. It can be the most valuable business-building tool you have, so invest the time to grow the list now. You’ll enjoy increased business and a more personal relationship with your readers and clients.

Victoria B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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