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Want Wider Appeal? Get Specific.


Have you been finding that your site’s blog posts and articles are not engaging readers? People land on the page, but they immediately bounce instead of clicking over to product pages or click the link to contact you?

The problem may be the targeting of your online content. To really appeal to the people who come to your page, you need to provide very specific solutions to the questions that lead them there.

If you’re writing for everybody, you’re speaking to nobody.

It can be tempting to hire bloggers to write posts that are as general as possible. But, this is a strategy that won’t convert surfers to sales. Content that is written for everyone will be too broad to apply to anyone’s specific problems or questions.

You don’t need to attract every person. Just the right people.

The internet is a really big place full of all sorts of people. They all want different things for different reasons. On your law blog, if you commission only very general articles about personal injury lawsuits, the resulting posts won’t be very useful to anyone. But, if you hire bloggers to detail specific cases or to go in-depth into laws specific to your local region, you’re more likely to attract the right sort of attention. Not every reader who comes to your page is going to need information about slip and fall accidents that occur on snowy days, but, the person recently injured on a snow-slicked department store sidewalk will.

Write to one person every time.

Each time you commission a blog post, consider one hypothetical person you want to reach. Think about your current customers and how they all differ from one another. Did one of your clients call you recently with a question? Chances are, this person is not the only one looking for an answer. Incorporate the question and answer into an upcoming blog post so that you can help out other people, as well. Keep a running list of these sorts of questions and jot something down every time one comes up.

When you take the approach to blogging, you will find that you have a never-ending font of subject matter. Instead of searching for topics, you will find yourself narrowing down ideas to just the ones that will attract the prospects you want the most. By addressing one person each time, you create personal content that connects the reader. This connection can be the thing that tips them from surfer to a sale.

Lara S is a content writer and blogger. She’s written professionally since 1998 and specializes in creating reader-friendly posts for complex industries like healthcare, law and insurance. On the weekends, you’re likely to find her out on her sailboat or ensconced in bed with a book.

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