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Shama Hyder on Momentum

In this riveting podcast, Byron has an in depth conversation with successful author Shama Hyder. Shama has recently released the book “Momentum,” which covers marketing strategies by sharing her five main principles of what it takes to market in today’s digital, content saturated ecosystem. The podcast reveals some of Shama’s principles she covers in the book, and includes a brief exchange on how writers at WriterAccess can expand their careers.


Takes Aways From Shama’s Interview:

  • Shama doesn’t believe in overnight success. She feels it takes work and shares a favorite quote of hers that says “The overnight success is 10 years in the making.” Consistency and commitment to reaching an audience is key to sustained success as is the willingness to alter your style and tone, to better fit the client as both a writer and marketer.
  • Physical and digital marketing are no longer separate. Today, they are merged, and anyone who is a success in the marketing industry knows how to use this combination correctly. For example, consider Super Bowl ads, deemed by someas the “King of the Physical Advertisement.” Today, almost every Super Bowl ad has a hashtag. It’s a picture perfect example of the merging of these two marketing strategies into one.
  • Good content is still just as important as are the right keywords. Shama shares an interesting story you won’t want to miss about how marketing geared toward a particular airline was missing the mark on their keyword just slightly. Through this story, she shares the importance of knowing your audience well. Learning not only what they are looking for, but how they are looking for it. Google keywords are a tool she likes to use to pinpoint exactly what her clients are looking for.
  • Although she stresses the importance of content, Shama places specific emphasis on the type of content. In other words, it’s not informational only. It is engaging the audience. The way to do this is to know your audience extremely well and answer questions they are or will be asking.


“Great marketing happens on both levels (digital and physical) and the more one leaks into the other, the stronger (and more effective) the marketing becomes.”

“The difference between a good writer and a great writer is their ability to quickly pick up on a client’s nuances and match the tones and voice desired.”

“You have to work three times as hard to get half the results you did three years ago when it comes to marketing. That’s just the way it is today.” [Tweet it]

Brandie P is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess
Brandie P is a 5-Star writer at WriterAccess

Check out Shama’s book “Momentum” and this informative podcast to learn even more about how you can succeed as a marketer and/or writer. Even though her book was written with marketers in mind, Shama encourages writers to read it as well and apply the principles on an individual level. She also encourages you to look her up on social media and visit her site where you can sign up for her newsletter where she shares more of her secrets to success.

To listen to this podcast, click here.

5-Star writer Brandie P‘s career as a freelance writer spans several years and encompasses an abundance of niche specialties. Before beginning her writing career, she was an office manager and worked in the medical field.

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