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Two Steps to Breaking In As a Freelance Marketing Writer

Opportunities for freelancers are increasing because of a burgeoning online marketplace. As sellers and retailers move to producing better website and social media content, freelance marketing writers will see an increase in demand.

This is good news for aspiring and experienced writers alike. As opportunities become available, you can take advantage of a few strategies that will increase your chances of actually getting these writing gigs.

Search Local and Online Markets

Use and develop your online research skills (you’ll need them) and search as many venues, blogs, interest groups, job boards and etc. as you possibly can. As you read what others have done in their writing gigs, and empathize with their happy stories, as well as their tales of horror on “getting in,” you will glean from what they have learned and pick up an idea or two on where to start looking for work. Many times, these writers will have valuable links that they themselves use as sources to get work.

Job boards and freelance websites provide some of the best information on the characteristics that clients are seeking in a freelance writer. Here you can peruse job descriptions and discover how much you actually have to offer, and or how you can build your skill set to cater to potential clients.

Also, there are a few sites with great opportunities for freelance marketing writers at all levels of skill and experience.

Find Your Niche

Once you begin your search, you’ll find that there are thousands of options as to what to focus on as a writer. You’ll come across hundreds of niches under health and science, automotive, restaurants, just about any type of retail and more. Avoid getting caught in a whirl of having too many things to write with too little time to research and learn.

Find one or two niches, become an expert through research, and search on websites, job boards or interest groups that highlight your specific field(s). A smart strategy may be to choose something you like to write about and are interested in, and work your way from there.

William K is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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