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Love to Travel? Travel Write

Freelance travel writers have the best of both worlds: a love of travel and the opportunity to share those adventures and excursions with others.

For aspiring writers, getting your feet wet in the competitive waters of travel writing can be the start of an interesting and lucrative writing career. Being a virtual traveler on the internet allows you to make your way around the world in a matter of seconds to places you’ve dreamed about visiting.

If you have a flair with words and a creative sense of style, travel writing is an exciting avenue to follow in the world of freelance writing. Through your written words, you’ll paint a vivid picture of exotic locations, tropical islands, sun-drenched beaches and snow-capped mountains. If this sounds like an area you’d like to venture into, be aware travel writing is a competitive field.

Things to Consider:

  • Some companies only hire or contract work to degreed individuals regardless of your travel experience
  • A writing gig may be location specific requiring the writer live in the location being covered
  • Remote writing, in some instances, requires the writer be available to visit the home office to work with in-house staff
  • Solid interviewing skills may be needed for content requiring travel reviews
  • Research skills must be above superior when creating content especially for locations you’ve never visited
  • Understanding how to utilize SEO in your content is a requirement by many sites
  • Familiarity with online publishing platforms is a plus
  • Some sites are style (AP, Chicago) specific and require proven experience using the style
  • Links to published work with a byline may be required

If you have limited travel writing background, these tips will help you get started:

  • Apply with sites as a generalist and write about travel content whenever it is available. A 200-word blog post on travel to anywhere is the first step to building a travel writing portfolio
  • Apply to freelance writing sites that cover a broad range of content, including travel
  • Check the job link at quality travel sites. Many have remote freelance writing gigs
  • Expand your portfolio with published links carrying your byline if at all possible

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for writers will increase by approximately 6 percent through 2020. This isn’t a huge growth for writers. As noted, this is a competitive occupation for authors and generalists as well as freelance travel writers.

Vickie F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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