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Transform Your Boring Company Into an Exciting Journalistic Machine

Is your company tragically unhip or just lagging behind online? Perhaps you are the magician to pull content together and tune up your organization’s online engine. You’ll need a simple, reliable strategy to rev it up—plus a regular power boost to keep it running.

Behold one tried-and-true strategy you can activate today.

Your High-Octane Freelance Content Writer? Ready to Roll

A casting call can attract content writers with special knowledge. In the topic line, specify any desired experience with a certain industry, place, art or science.

Or crowd-source your order. (That’s how the post you’re now reading was done!)

Both routes lead to fabulous freelancers you can add to your Love Lists and easily find for future orders.

Have Your Journalistic Engine Running in Minutes

In your Creative Brief template, indicate the content writing type you need. Write “Journalistic” for the tone.

Perhaps your audience includes prospective customers and industry specialists with a basic comprehension level? Fill in those fields.

Set your word count and delivery time. Now:

  • Don’t sweat your title. You can provide a placeholder, and request the writer pitch ideas.
  • Explain what your company does. Request an informative, thought-provoking article on a trending or relevant topic. Your article’s objective? Informing the audience on current events, tying in what you offer customers.
  • Offer the writer a linked article describing the trend or current event. Ask the writer to employ it—or another recent news story—to inform your audience and promote your offering.
  • Don’t want political bias? Speaking from a particular perspective? Tell the writer.
  • Submit the order!

Boom. Your ignition is on. And you’ve got the perfect fuel to keep your lean journalistic machine running.

About the author

Lee H is a lawyer and a university teacher accustomed to writing styles ranging from the policy-changing to the popular, including blog and bulletin writing for professionals and their clients.


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