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Real Estate Content Marketing Insights by Jacob C

The real estate market is a competitive industry. Every day, new technology and new agents join the market. You need to be wise to survive in this industry. But do you ever feel like there is a way out there to improve your marketing strategies and you just don’t know what it is? Well, you are not wrong.

Obviously, you need to have a plan to guide you in your day-to-day activities as a real estate content marketer. But if you want to be at the top of your game, you have to make use of the new and upcoming trends in your industry. The following article will provide a glimpse into some of 2017’s must-know real estate marketing tips.

1. Optimize your website

We are living in a technological age where everything is done online. Research shows that at least 12% of home buyers visit online platforms in search of houses as their first step. So, you need to have a website that is attractive and enticing to customers. Your content marketing strategy should be unique and relevant to your industry. Use market reports, PowerPoints, and blog articles to sell your ideas.

Note that when people are searching for houses, they are not only interested in the design and type of the house. They want to know the kind of people living there, the community, the social activities, nearby schools and hospitals, the recreational facilities available, and more. So, conduct extensive research on the locations of all your houses, and put that information in the form of an article.

Additionally, make sure to include a “call to action” segment so that anyone who gets interested in the property can contact you. And make sure the contact details you give are open for use 24/7 so everyone can reach you regardless of the time and place.

2. Personalize your business

In your line of work, you should always expect to meet different kinds of people. And obviously, people have different tastes and preferences. The way you interact with a single person will be different from the way you interact with a married couple. Make sure you research what people need.

After knowing your contact, personalize your marketing practices. Try and provide every client with a unique experience by listening to their individual needs. In doing so, your clients will be happy with your services, and if you are lucky, they will refer you to other customers.

If you handle all clients in the same way, some of them may get frustrated when they are unable to make a connection with you. Remember, there are many real estate agents in the market waiting to get the same clients. So, be wise.

3. Take advantage of social media channels

Did you know that billions of people use social platforms every day? Imagine how few people you’d reach if you only relied on posts and billboards. You need to have an online presence apart from your website.

As much as you optimize your website, it is not a guarantee that search engines will rank it among the best. For that reason, you need to have an alternative online marketing strategy. And what better way than to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Through these channels, you can be sure you’ll reach as many people as possible from your target market.

However, even with these platforms, you need to have a profile that is enticing and attractive enough to create traffic. If you are not good with online things, find someone who can make your profile up-to-date and appealing.

Research shows that business people who have used social media as a marketing platform have had an incredible high return on their investment. Ask your family members and friends to help you promote your business by sharing your posts. Also, consider using paid advertising on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. Ask for testimonials

When looking for something online, you always go through the reviews to see what other people thought of that product. It is no different when it comes to real estate. You need to have a reviews page on your website.

Reach out to your best customers and request them to write testimonials providing details about their experience with your company. Most people will be delighted to do this, and it will enable other clients visiting your website to see how you deal with customers.

5. Network with other professionals

Every day, new things come up, and it is hard to be up-to-date with everything. However, if you network with other people in your industry, you will get to learn about the new marketing trends as well as emerging trends in the real estate world. By networking, you will get to learn and simultaneously expand your business.

6. Maintain the momentum

Real estate marketing trends tend to slow down, especially at the end of the year. Nevertheless, keep up with your marking tactics to provide consistency to your customers. Also, it will set a good pace for the next year. If you fail to do so, your clients may be looking at properties that are already sold out, and that can be very bad for your business.

Keep your website, as well as your social media profiles, up-to-date even if your firm is in its low season.

Finally, make sure you can track your marketing strategies. That way, you’ll be able to tell if they are bringing in more customers. If not, then they are not good investments, and you need to find new marketing tactics. Nevertheless, the above tips should help you keep up with the competitive real estate industry.

About the author 

Jacob C is proficient in writing researched-based article content that additionally requires SEO based content. In addition to this particular specialty Jacob Cole has had experience, albeit a little bit, in writing stories, movie scripts, and other related material.

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