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Tips from the Talent Team: How to Avoid Penalties to Your Algo

tips from the talent team

Hello! Today we’re talking about penalties to your algorithm how do you get them, how do you get rid of them, and how do you avoid them altogether?

On our platform there are three ways to get penalized. These are referred to affectionately as the Flagged Queues:

1. Grace Period Violations

2. Expired Orders

3. Did Not Meet Expectations

Let’s just dive right in to each.

1. Grace Period Violations

When you pick up an order, you have 1 hour to review the instructions, SEO specifications, research requirements, deadline, etc, etc and decide if you can manage it. If you drop it within that 1-hour time frame- no worries- no penalty will apply. When you wait longer than that, however, it compromises that client’s deadline, as well as your algo.

You will NOT be penalized if:

  • You’ve supplied quality revisions and spoken with the Help Desk resulting in a mutual decision between yourself, WA staff and the client that the order is better suited for another writer.

The penalty will stand if:

  • You can’t find enough research. (This is something you need to look into within the first hour of picking it up.)
  • You misread the instructions.
  • You refuse to do a fair revision request.

Special cases of illness, emergencies and other extenuating circumstances are dealt with on an individual basis. So if you have to drop an order, please remember to apologize to the client and leave us a note explaining the situation.

2. Expired Orders

When you let an order expire, the client’s deadline is officially compromised. If you pick up an order and you think you’re going to have a hard time remembering to write it, here are some tips:

  • Jot down reminders on your phone that flash, ding and buzz as you approach the deadline.
  • Mark the deadline on your Google Calendar (with a reminder) or on your scheduling app of choice.
  • Write post-its to yourself and stick them all over your house.
  • Ask a friend, relative or Siri to remind you.

3. Did Not Meet Expectations

So, these blemishes are a different beast because they are not entirely in your control. We know how much it stings when a piece comes back with that red mark.

You will NOT be penalized if:

  • A client marks the order DNM without asking for revisions.
  • We feel that the client is being overly critical.
  • We feel the client was expecting a result they did not make clear in the instructions.

The penalty will stick if:

  • We agree it was not a quality piece or on par with star level.

Of course, there are exceptions to all of these rules, and we come across several of them daily.

We review every single case one by one to make sure nobody is penalized unfairly. Always feel free to reach out to the Help Desk if you feel you need to explain yourself further. The more communication, the better!

Charlotte Garden is WA’s resident content strategist, editor, talent manager and blog header-upper. That makes her almost as busy as you.

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