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Tips From the Talent Team – Elite Status

tips from the talent team
Hey there, WA writers, freelancers, and just general awesome people of the internet! It’s Charlotte of Charlotte & Louis, aka one half of your Talent Management Team.


Today’s Tips post is brought to you by the letter E. We’re talking Elite status- what is it, why do you want it, and how do you get it?

Elite Status- What is it?

Elite status is awarded in two categories- Industry and Asset types. It’s basically a badge of honor (both figuratively and literally) we give our writers who have direct professional or educational experience within a given industry or with a certain asset type.

For example: If you are a doctor who made a career change into PR and became a certified Master Gardener in your spare time, you are qualified for Industry Elite in Medical, Health and Gardening. You are also qualified for Asset Elite in Press Releases.

Why do you want it?

Writers with elite status in a given industry or asset type get priority access to orders in that particular industry or asset type, respectively.  It also helps us confidently recommend you to a client who needs someone with firsthand experience.

Hint: Most of you guys aren’t using Asset Elite to your advantage. The criteria are a little less strict than Industry qualifications- basically we just want to see that you’re experienced and fantastic in a particular asset like blog posts or white papers or facebook posts. Apply and let us know how great you are!

How do you get it?

When you apply for Elite status, focus on and talk up your professional or educational experience as it relates to the topic.

Note: Unfortunately we can’t grant you Industry Elite if you’ve only written about that industry, even if you’ve written thousands of pieces on it. To use the Medical example again, an elite badge means you’ve worked directly in the medical industry as a doctor, nurse, EMT, etc, not just written for or about it. That said, you’re still more than welcome to pick up as many medical orders as you like on the platform.

Before I sign off, I know there has been a lot of chatter about star ratings recently. We’ll cover all your ratings-related questions in the weeks to come.

Have a great weekend!

Charlotte Garden is WA’s resident content strategist, editor, talent manager and blog header-upper. That makes her almost as busy as you.


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