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Time to Evolve: Making Sure Your Content Does Not Disappoint

Not only is less than stellar content disappointing, it can be downright harmful. For example, Doug Kessler, published his theory that “crappy content is the single biggest threat to content marketing.” Produced content that is less than readers expect is kryptonite to a good content marketing strategy. Therefore, its fundamentally necessary that you never disappoint your readers with less than superlative content.

Consider The Following Scenario

To best explain the disappointment that mediocre content produces in readers, consider the scenario listed below:

You opened up an email that promised an interesting take on a subject, the landing page you went to was well laid out and designed. To gain access to this important data, you had to give over personal information and download the content. Then, with great anticipation, you read the downloaded content, expecting a revelation, unseen data, unknown mysteries, something great, only to come away with nothing. You realize that the brand was simply trying to generate a lead by getting your information. Therefore, the hook email and subsequent landing page was well-thought-out and expertly constructed, but you as a reader were left disappointed when you actually gained access to the promised content. This can almost feel like a betrayal. This is most certainly not the outcome you are hoping for as a marketing professional.

No one likes to be sold a false bill of goods. When promised something profound, that’s exactly what consumers want. Of course, some brands promise valuable content simply to get your information for their lead generation. However, they don’t think about the end result. What the reader might think once they realize they have been, in essence, tricked into giving out their information.

Follow BRACES to Ensure Your Content Never Disappoints Again

If you realize you might have provided your readers less than superb content, the following are some easy-to-follow ways to ensure you never again produce disappointing content, set to the acronym BRACES. Inspired by a Content Marketing Institute article on content that does not disappoint.

B: Brave Content

The absence of a little fear in terms of your content’s projected performance likely means it isn’t brave enough. To make sure it is pushing the boundaries enough, change the format occasionally, insert the CTA in a new place, hire a new writer to provide a different point of view and style of composition, or play with distribution options. Be brave with your content!

R: (Well) Researched Content

In almost every case, high quality content demands writers to do some research. Content that is just a copy of other already produced content, containing well-known data or tired ideas won’t be engaging or inspiring to your audience. Thankfully, researching is far easier today than before, no need to break out the encyclopedias or search libraries for information. Google is the tool of many a wordsmith masters. Helpful hint: The writers at WriterAccess are well versed in the art of research and place great importance on the composition of original content.

A: Astute Content

Astute is the ability to assess situations and people and use it to one’s advantage. Marketers should accurately access their audience and determine what topics would be most valuable to customers. Ask existing customers their opinions as one way to get this information.

C: Credible Content

The term “fake news” has become one that is universally understood as being false or misleading information passed off as fact by news organizations. Don’t be accused of producing “fake news.” To ensure credibility, make sure your resources are credible, and relevant to the topic and are backed by experts in the field along with pertinent data.

E: Educational Content

Ideally, any content should educate readers. In other words, you want to teach readers something they didn’t already know. Inspire them with new ways of looking at an old topic, or promote thought or even debate by providing a new avenue of thought. Tips, tricks, facts, guidance, advice are all applicable for educating readers, or answer the question, “did you know?”.

S: Skimmable Content

In today’s digital society, readers often access content on their phone or other electronic device. In order for them to be access content on these devices, all content should be skimmable in nature. Make sure your content has headings that break the topic up into easy to digest bits. Create advice snippets that are either highlighted, in bold or italics. The goal is to give the reader a good idea of the what the content is about, even if they don’t read each and every word. Create content that is pithy and to the point, not long, arduous and drawn out. Remember: No matter how eloquent content might be, if readers won’t take the time to read it, it hasn’t fulfilled its purpose.

Bottom Line

To ensure your customers aren’t disappointed by low quality content, always deliver on your content promises by embracing and implementing the BRACES mantra. Contact us at WriterAccess to gain access to an army of highly skilled wordsmiths who are able to help you put this plan into action. Never disappoint with your content again!


Brandie P. understands the importance of high-quality copywriting. She presents her clients in the best of light and is committed to communicating both factual and informative content. Her clients appreciate her attention to detail and her propensity to double check stats and make sure what she is writing is in fact absolutely true. As a result, clients can rest assured that the content Brandie creates is both beneficial to her clients and serves their purposes perfectly.

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