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Thursday Trends 6/27/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

It must be summer because much of the latest content marketing news has to do with fun and games. From 20 questions and video games to tee-time on the putting green, playing games just might win you a first-place content strategy. Read on to see whether your content marketing strategy can compete with this week’s latest news.

Make Sure Your Content’s On-Par with This Hole-In-One Infographic

Content Marketing Basics: 5 Types of Content to Attract and Retain Website Visitors via Social Media Today

If you only publish long-form content, then you’re only going to attract an audience who wants to spend time reading. If you only share short, one-liners, then you won’t attract those looking for more in-depth information. The key to drawing a variety of readers to your website is to provide a variety of content that will appeal to each person’s different sensibilities.

In their recent article Social Media Today gives you the low-down on five essential types of content that will appeal to a variety of readers.  They also provide fun explanations on how to use this array of content with an easy-to-read golf analogy, presented in infographic form (oddly enough, infographic is not one of the content types mentioned).

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Is That Your Dog Barking or Your Content?

What Video Game Barks Can Teach Content Teams via WriterAccess

If you thought you couldn’t learn anything about content marketing from video games, think again. Video games use something called “barks” — one-liners repeated throughout — not only to create atmosphere, but also for branding and to encourage sharing.

This article from a gamer-by-night-writer-by-day at WriterAccess explains how you can apply the concept of barking to your content marketing strategy with visual, written, and auditory barks that will help you achieve your branding goals and make your content viral.

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What Can’t Your Content Marketing Live Without? These Content Marketing Must-Haves

Must-Have Checklist to Creating Valuable Content via Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing and content strategy are gigantic tasks that, with enough creative energy, can quickly spiral out of control, growing into monster-sized mountains of work. These types of content marketing goals will exhaust you before you even start.

This recent article from Content Marketing Institute is here to help you make sure you keep your content marketing creativity and goals in check by sticking to the basic, must-haves. They outline five essential items your content marketing must-have to simplify your content goals and strategy.

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Like Shoes and Belts, Website Design Should Always Match Content

How Content Marketing Impacts Website Design via MarTech Advisor

Composing fast-paced chase scenes with short sentences and depicting boredom with drawn-out explanations, most creative writers know that form mimics content, but did you know that the same is true for content marketing?

This article from MarTech Advisor explains how your website design and content should complement each other. To give readers a clear picture of why this is so important, the article provides examples of pages that offer perfectly paired content and design and some that miss the mark. It’s pretty obvious how sites whose content and design are in harmony work and the ones that don’t match are negatively affected.

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Let’s Play 20 Questions, Content Strategy Style

Ready to Craft a Content Strategy? Answer These Questions First via PR Daily

Person, place, thing, or idea? Thing! You guessed it; we’re talking about content strategy.

Before you dive into yours, this article from PR Daily will make sure your strategy asks and answers the right questions. Breaking down the creation and documentation of a content strategy into fourteen categories of questions — from brand to budget, schedule, technology, and more — this article will lead you through the process of writing down an impeccable, successful content strategy.

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