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Thursday Trends 6/20/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Last week, we found out that content marketing might not be all about customers, that ecommerce doesn’t do content very well, and that consistency might not be key after all. Plus, as the world turned, we learned the importance of transforming customers into fans. Catch up on all this and more in this week’s Thursday Trends.

Low Unemployment Rates Call for Recruitment Content Marketing

5 Tips for Recruitment Marketing to Get Great Hires [Examples] via Content Marketing Institute

That headline was no joke (obviously, it wasn’t funny). Unemployment’s down — way down — which means employers need to work harder to attract qualified, competent job candidates. If you want to be able to hire the best of the best, the cream of the crop, or even just average applicants, you now have to compete with your hiring competition, giving job candidates reason to choose to work for you and your company. You can only offer so much money and so many benefits. So, why not use the same tactics that you employ when drumming up customers?

This article from Content Marketing Institute suggests using content marketing to highlight the best parts of your company’s culture, professional opportunities, and job positions. Take a look at the full article for some really smart tips and creative examples of what other businesses, like Microsoft and Kantega, have done.

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Is Consistency Really Key? Perhaps, You Can’t Believe Everything You’ve Heard

Should I Post Regularly or Irregularly? The Power of Intermittent Reinforcement Over Consistency via WriterAccess

If there’s any piece of content marketing advice you hear consistently, it’s to post content consistently. But is that really the best strategy? Think about it: when you read an article suggesting you post consistently, do you keep reading or do you lose interest?

This recent article from WriterAccess suggests otherwise, submitting the notion that consistent publishing can begin to seem like white noise or something your audience takes for granted. Read the full article to learn how inconsistency might actually do more good than harm for your content marketing endeavors. Plus, take a look at some interesting examples that put the theory of consistent inconsistency to test.

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Your Products (However Amazing) Won’t Sell Themselves

7 Awesome Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples for 2019 via Search Engine Journal

Since ecommerce businesses live entirely online and rely heavily on driving online traffic from social media and digital ads, it seems like these companies would be a hotbed of successful content marketing schemes. The contrary is actually true; good examples of strong ecommerce content marketing campaigns are quite rare.

Search Engine Journal put together a list of ecommerce content marketing campaigns that are doing it right. If you’re trying to purvey products online, give this list the once over. Then consider how you can apply some of the principles used by companies like ProFlowers and Bespoke Post to light a fire under the tushes of your own ecommerce endeavors.

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Switch on the Fan

How to Turn Customers into Fans: 5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing via IPSO

Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges businesses — especially online businesses — face. If a customer purchases once, how do you entice them to return next time, instead of trying a different brand or experience?

According to this article from IPSO, customer retention requires you to turn your customers into fans — not accordion-folding fans or electric fans, but brand groupies. They suggest using content marketing to make customers fall in love with your company and continue choosing your products or experiences for the long haul. Read the full article to learn how you can use content marketing to keep customers for life.

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