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Thursday Trends 12/19/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Maybe it’s all the holiday baking and sweet treats working their way into our marketing brains, but this week’s major content marketing trend seems to be spice — spicing up your content marketing strategy, that is. Whether you do it with a new app, a new social platform, a new language, or something else. Join us in this week’s addition of Thursday Trends to add a new ingredient or two to your top-secret content marketing recipe.

Sugar and Spice Makes Your Instagram Nice

9 Must-Use Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram via Content Marketing Institute

Instagram boasts over a billion active users each month, and second only to Facebook, 1/3 of adults in the United States use Instagram. Plus, it’s the most popular app among teens. Although Instagram is primarily a visual platform, it provides a huge opportunity for content marketing. Needless to say, your business should be using Instagram and prioritizing the distribution channel.

Visual content can be difficult to work with, if you’re not used to working entirely in a visual medium. This article from Content Marketing Institute provides a list of apps that essential to creating, managing, and spicing up a professional and effective Instagram page for your business.

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What’s a TikTok? Is It a Baking Timer?

What Is TikTok? Should You Be Using It for Business Marketing? via WriterAccess

If you’ve ever had to ask, “What’s a TikTok?” then you’re probably over the age of twenty, and this article is for you. TikTok launched in 2017 and quickly grew to become the most popular social media network in the world with 500 million users, viewing more than a million videos, or TikToks, each day. Although most TikTok users are young, the young people on TikTok represent a major marketing opportunity.

Take a look at this article from WriterAccess for a quick rundown on everything you should know about TikTok, who’s on TikTok, and how to leverage this relatively new, yet hugely popular, social media platform for your business.

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“I Love Your Accent!” Is What You’ll Be Saying to Your Next Content Translator

Content Marketers: Time to Call in the Language Professionals? via The Marketing Insider

The United States has the largest consumer market in the world, and content marketers have largely focused on it, generating content primarily in English. 96% of the world’s consumers, however, live outside the United States and most of them speak a first language other than English.

Internet usage and access in other parts of the world is on the rise, and this represents an upcoming shift in the nature of content marketing. As more consumer dollars become reachable via content marketing, the demand for non-English content will increase, too. Take a look at this article from the Marketing Insider to learn more about how you can reach other parts of the world and penetrate new markets with content in another language.

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In a Vanilla Industry, Content Can Be Any Flavor

What Traditional Industries Can Do to Spice Up a Content Marketing Plan via Business 2 Community

Financial services, medicine, insurance, legal, business services, utilities, HVAC. What do you all of these industries have in common? They sound like they’d be tough to market for, in other words, boring to market for. The truth is, however, the quality of content that comes out of a marketing campaign for a business in any industry — whether it’s skydiving, self-care, or accounting — depends entirely on how a company chooses to tell the story of its brand.

Take a look at this article from Business 2 Community to learn more about how you can control the excitement, story, and interest around your business’s brand, no matter how bland your industry seems on the surface.

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