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Think Beyond Target Customers for Online Marketing

184313991You’ve heard it time and time again. Find a freelance writer who can polish up content that is gold-worthy, which you present like lollipops on your blog or website. This will ensure the longevity and good fortune of your online business. Such a shallow game you play! Of course marvelous content will get you far, but only so far, in the online marketing game. In order to move faster and farther, so you can outplay your competitors, you are going to have to do more, more, more.

Moving Beyond Your Target Customer

The target customer, that mythical figure that you center your content around, in hopes to lure in the unicorn. But wait! What if you found out the target customer is just the start? In reality you should fan out your SEO skills to cover a broad spectrum of readers. While your target customer should never be ignored, if you only target your customer with online marketing you are ignoring far more in potential leads.

Attract More than Flies with SEO Honey

Your SEO soaked content needs to move beyond the traditional channels of your blog, website and social media pages. In order to do this it’s time to think outside of the box. You need to find people who will go above and beyond your reach to push your services or products as far in reach as feasible. Redirect your SEO efforts to include the following key players:

  • Media professionals, aka news writers, reporters, and journalists
  • Tweeters, note not tweakers, major difference here
  • Bloggers, but not just the bottom barrel bloggers—opt for ones with influence
  • Social media darlings who wield power in the form of Instagram followers, Facebook fans and Pinterest pinners
  • Online forum kingpins who sway the votes of their forum fandom

Crave Worthy Content

Get out of the rut of producing content that only appeals to your target customer. Your next move should be to create content that catches the flashy eyes of influencing members of the media. You want to have shareable content that your targeted influencers can pass out like sweet treats among their readers. Move over, blog posts. It’s time that you whip up some of the following forms of content:

  • Press releases prepared with journalists and online media specialists in mind
  • Viral videos featuring kitties, flash dances or new takes on favorite music videos
  • Pinterest boards and related pins that feature motivational quotes and comedic images
  • Tweets and Facebook posts that pinpoint viral search terms every single day

Your new mission: create SEO friendly content related to your business that also offers a wide scope of online viewers something entertaining, while being in a readily-shareable form for various online leaders who have the platforms to expand your horizons. Do this, and you will be rewarded handsomely…in the form of the ultimate in target customers.


Miranda B works day and night to produce content to inform, entertain and bewilder readers in hopes that they pass that verbiage around to their friends like embarrassing pictures of their boss.

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