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There’s More than One Way to Skin a Cat

Marianna Armata/Getty Images
Marianna Armata/Getty Images

As a freelance writer, I sometimes feel a bit isolated. Yes, I have outside interests like playing pool and traveling that gives me the chance to spend time with friends regularly. However, I don’t think that someone who works as a teacher, salesperson or law clerk can fully understand the challenges and joys of being a freelance writer. So, from time to time I peek into writer forums or online groups. Honestly, while I relish the chance to share secrets with tech writers and blog writers, I usually find myself getting mad. Why? Because so many of my fellow writers are stubborn. Who knows, maybe I appear the same way too—but it frustrates me.

Freelance Writing is ALWAYS Changing

I’ve only been in the freelance writing business for around eight years now, and already I’ve seen things change in some pretty significant ways. SEO methods change, work sites open and close, pay scales change. Everything changes, and in a business that is so technology-driven, it’s going to change rapidly.

So… Writers Must Change Too

The writers that are willing to embrace the changes and roll with them are the ones that will succeed. The writers that whine, complain and grip tightly to “the way things used to be” will fail. While this may not be 100% correct, it is overwhelmingly the case. Sometimes something happens, and it annoys me. I may not like Google’s latest algorithm; I most certainly might not like the current pay structure that one of my client’s roll out, but I have to figure out a way to make this business keep working for me—not just settle.

The Mantra? My Way Isn’t the Only Way

Even as I’m changing, being flexible and growing my business, I’m trying to learn from others. Sometimes I think other writers are crazy. A lot of the time they are. But, my way is not the only way.

Yes, for the benefit of the industry it is important to remember that what works for YOU may not be the only way—or even the best way. As much as I like communicating with my fellow writers, I find myself biting my tongue (or holding myself back from the keyboard) more and more. Even if I hear of another writer who is doing something that sounds crazy to me, I just have to remember that it must be working. The key is to remember that if it’s NOT working, try something new so that you can skin that (figurative) cat.

Tracy S is a freelance writer specializing in personality-infused blog posts and amazing web content. Her 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to drink more green smoothies and to try not to adopt any more cats.

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