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The Poisoned Pen: How Good Copy Mitigates Bad Reviews

One of the most troubling aspects of operating a business with an online presence is dealing with the negative reviews of a disgruntled customer. Even a trio of off-the-cuff words – “[business name] scam”, for example, can have some very serious repercussions when it comes to your search engine results placement. Dealing with this particularly delicate problem by hiring a copywriter is the best route to take. Here’s why you need to hire a copywriter for mitigating complaints:

Staying Out of the Fray

It’s tempting to rise to the bait and answer the supposed problems word-for-word, but business owners are understandably tied up in their business, and it’s hard not to let emotion show. Inciting further negativity by calling the problem customer a liar or appearing argumentative will take a chunk out of your bottom line in time, so it’s best to avoid it altogether. The degree of separation between your words and those of your expert writer help you remain in control without emphasizing your grip on the reins.

Answer Issues They Don’t Have Yet

Most customers will visit your site or service first, and do further research before pulling out their wallet. Carefully crafted copy by a web content writer can put those customers in a positive mindset at step 1, negating the issues in your problem complaint before they’re even read. If delivery time was the noted complaint, for instance, copy focused around your guarantee that products will arrive on time or the pride you take in fast delivery will help balance it out.

Discredit Customer Complaints

It’s generally considered bad form to overtly call a customer a liar, even if they are. In addition, doing so in the area they initially left their review will only inspire them to respond in kind. Few disguntled customers will read through your website text weeks after leaving their comment, which makes it the perfect place to reassure existing customers without the worry of retaliation. Your company website content can subtly address the exact problem without calling out the individual, as well as bolster confidence in potential customers, hopefully removing the motivation to research complaints altogether.

Targeted Anti-Advertising

If your complaining customer used phrases like “negative review” or “[business name] scam”, try fighting fire with fire. Instruct your best copywriter to utilize these SEO terms in a positive spin article, emphasizing that your business is, in fact, trustworthy. You’ll be providing your customers with quality content to read and stacking the cautious search engine results in your favor; you’ll also be burying that troublesome review in the process.

When you hire a copywriter to run damage control, you’ll be able to focus on the important everyday aspects of your business without the concern that a negative review will keep customers from coming in. You’ll regain peace of mind and enjoy better search engine results when you take the proactive step of having fresh copy custom-made for your site. In a digitally-focused world, positive words are worth their weight in profits.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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