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The “Other” Content Writer; Covering a Broad Range of Topics

As computer savvy users know, the internet is definitely the place to go to get information on anything and everything from A to Z in a matter of seconds. The content available is mind boggling and the opportunity to create that content is on the rise with sites needing content writers to cover a variety of topics.

While some sites are topic specific and may require expert writers with a degree in a specialized field, websites that cover a broad range of topics hire other content writers to cover general topics in many areas as well as specialized topics.

As a generalist content writer, the world is your oyster only if you have the ability to do top-notch researching, use reputable and reliable resources, and have the ability to create interesting, informative, and original content that hooks readers from the beginning to end.

If you are already an expert in a particular field, breaking into the content arena where you can write knowledgeably about everything will broaden your knowledge base allowing you to expand your portfolio to include more than one type of topic content. If you are new to writing in general, content writing is one avenue to create a portfolio to market yourself to clients seeking qualified freelance writers.

For many sites that hire other content writers, you have the option of selecting areas you prefer while others may assign work to you. You may have the flexibility of multi-day deadlines at some content sites while others have deadlines ranging from 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours, or more, depending on the particular client.

Finding clients whether you are looking for remote assignments, in-house staff writing positions, or contract freelance gigs providing content for websites, magazines, how to guides, travel guides, ebooks, or other publications is an ongoing job unto itself. It is a competitive occupation and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in the writing field will be slower than other areas as more people are taking the plunge into content writing.

This short list of sites provide information, industry news, writing tips, courses, and job listings for freelance writers.

Utilize the internet to your advantage to find clients, build a portfolio, and promote yourself for a lucrative career as a content writer.

Vickie F is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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