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The Meta Behind Content: Understanding How Content Strategy Works

A content strategy is a lot of stuff. It is more than just blogs and articles you write for a company each week. Your content strategy covers the entire framework for your online marketing goals. This includes the types of content you are going to create along with marketing goals you need to meet using the content. See how your content strategy can be redefined to make your content marketing dreams come true. Here are the two main areas that make up the meta behind your content.

Create the Content

The spiders that spin the silky webs behind the scene of your website start with the content. Your content is the framework for all of your strategy. Here is where you [Insert marketing goal here] via blog posts, articles, about us pages, e-books, and infographics, as well as captions on images and scripts for YouTube videos.

All of the written words weave the web that Google uses to crawl across your site with its own spiders aka web crawlers. Also referred to as web spiders, ahem a shout out to all the Charlotte lovers out there, these crawlers capture the data that goes into ranking your website.

What kind of content, the quality, and the message that you share in the words and images of your content, as well and especially via video, make all the difference in where you fall on the Google popularity poll. At any given time. So everyone has a blockchain chance to make it to the top depending on…their content.

Share and Share Everywhere

The next part of your content strategy addresses all of the places where your content will get spread. Think of this as in those same spiders are now carrying all of your content out to places where it will thrive the most. Maybe it is among your intended audience, or maybe your content is shorter lived than you would like. Your goal is to figure out where on social media you should try to share your content.

The most obvious place for most businesses is on their professionally designed website. After all, your website is the only place on the internet where you control your content—for the most part. Everywhere else including Facebook your content can be pulled or deleted or lost at any time, or even shared and edited without your permission. As a result, you have to have a strategy on where and why you share on social media.

Issues to include for your content strategy for sharing content include:

  • Which social media sites to utilize
  • What time of day/week to post
  • What to post
  • Communicating with your audience

All of this needs to be hashed out in your content strategy before you share anything online for your business to gain the greatest traction from the get-go. Another key tip for sharing on social is just that—sharing consistently. Once you start growing your online brand you are in it to win it so to say.

Other considerations for a comprehensive content strategy on a meta-level are focused on the end user. You need to know who you are creating content for so you can provide them with the greatest bang for the buck. This is essential for selling your marketing message, too, since your audience needs to be receptive to be won over.

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