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The Fun of Blogging

Blogging is a great way to expand your writing career. It is one of those pieces of writing that, if doing it on your own, you can link it to professional profiles so that you can not only increase your traffic but create a more authoritative online presence. The real fun of blogging is that you don’t have to limit yourself to writing exclusively about clipping coupons or what your three-year-old ate for lunch today, unless you own a themed blog, then you need to be specific about what you include in your posts. If you are blogging to try and earn a little extra cash, know that it isn’t going to happen over night, as most blogs use Google Adsense or another similar way to make money. A certain amount must be accrued before money will be paid out. It will take time for those pennies to add up, but the more posts you have the sooner it will happen.

There are several type of style guides that can be used when you are looking into blogging. Like most articles, there are freestyle posts that you can do that are nothing more than writing what you feel and then there are more educational articles such as rhetoric and product reviews. Styles that I recommend, especially for new bloggers are freestyle and product reviews. Whether you have or have even looked into the product in question, you will easily be able to write something about it. Freestyle writing is a great way to feel as if you not only are getting something accomplished but this is where you will have the opportunity to let your humor show through. This is the easiest style for beginning bloggers because it can be whatever you want, making it easy to do because there is no memorization of other writing styles- you just go with what you feel.

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